Moving Office Checklist For the Peak Season

Giving your business a fresh start in a new location is exciting. When you have more room for growth and have a more convenient place for customers to find you, the opportunities increase exponentially! But wait, what if you need to move during the peak moving season? That’s summertime for many places in Australia, and these months can get incredibly hectic for commercial movers. To make sure things run smoothly, you’ll need a moving office checklist.

 How to Relocate an Office During Peak Moving Season

1. Book a moving company two weeks in advance.

As soon as you find out when the big moving day is, jump straight to comparing different removalists. As a rule of thumb, everything should be arranged with the professional movers at least two weeks in advance so there’s ample time to prepare.

Some companies charge less if you schedule the move during a weekday, so ask about that as well. Be on the lookout for early-bird rates, promos, and other opportunities to spend less.

2. Purge unneeded items.

If you’re relocating your office a good distance away, it’s crucial to eliminate as many unwanted items as possible. Since you can expect to pay considerably more during the peak moving season, one way to reduce costs is through decluttering.

If your firm or business has been around for a long time, considering purging old documents that are no longer needed. It may even be possible to go digital and get rid of physical copies of employee records, financial reports, and more.

3. Determine if you need storage units and insurance.

For businesses that depend entirely on a single piece of machinery or equipment, the need for moving insurance can’t be stated enough. Even the best-planned relocations can experience a few bumps on the road. And whilst this isn’t as worrying if you don’t have expensive or fragile items, it can spell disaster for companies that do.

Another worthwhile consideration is storage. Your situation may require you to vacate the old office before you’re ready to move to your new location. The solution that many managers turn to in such cases is to rent a storage unit.

4. Set a budget.

As you may have already guessed, moving during the peak season will take considerably more money, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to trim down expenses. When working with office removal companies that charge by the hour, why not have employees pack up their things themselves, ready for moving day?

There are other creative ways to reduce expenses, but it helps more when you set a limit on how much you can afford to invest in the relocation. This is where a budget can come in handy in your moving office checklist. We recommend speaking to your desired office removalist first about having a fixed price contract so you don’t end up paying for overruns.

5. Create a master list of everything that may be affected by the move.

Mail services, banks, and clients need to be notified of your change of address. Additionally, you can update the address that shows in your business cards, website, Google business listing, and any other directories that your business is listed in.

6. Prioritise organisation.

Regardless of when you wish to relocate, interference with productivity should be kept at a minimum. But since everyone is on a tighter schedule, including the movers, be sure to follow the best moving tips such as colour-coding all boxes. You may also create a seating chart and let employees write their names on their boxes so the movers know the correct spot for them.

Avoid Peak Season Panic With a Moving Office Checklist

On top of making a detailed moving office checklist, give yourself and the movers enough time to prepare for any unexpected situations that may arise. Though it can seem overwhelming, the tips shared in this post can set you up for a stress-free relocation with the help of leading office removalists.

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