Moving Computers and Sensitive Equipment

Sensitive Equipment Moving


Business Relocation Services specialises in moving computers and sensitive equipment. Our staff offers an extensive range of services that caters to your specific needs.


Our Expertise

As a specialist commercial moving company, our office removalists have been trained and understand that experience counts when moving computers and handling sensitive equipment. Whatever your needs are, we’ve moved something similar before. If you have specific needs and a defined timeline, we have the equipment knowledge and experience to provide a simple workable solution. That’s why many government departments and companies trust us to take care of them and their electronic equipment and assets.

Move your computers and sensitive equipment with ease.

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Comprehensive Pre-Move Consultation

Every successful move begins with detailed planning. Our team will work with you to plan each aspect of your move, from evaluating the equipment, identifying potential challenges, and proposing effective solutions.


Inventory Assessment

We undertake a thorough assessment of your equipment, documenting each item’s type, quantity, and specific handling instructions. This serves as a roadmap for the actual move and ensures no equipment is overlooked.


Identification of Challenges

Relocating IT equipment isn’t always straightforward. From managing large or unusually shaped items to identifying potential risks at the new location, we anticipate and preemptively address potential challenges to avoid disruptions during the move.


In-Depth Knowledge

Our team benefits from extensive training and ongoing professional development, ensuring that we are up-to-date with the latest methods, equipment, and best practices. This knowledge is applied to every project we undertake, resulting in a service that is efficient, safe, and highly customised to meet individual client needs.



To ensure the safe transportation of your valuable equipment, it’s vital to understand the unique challenges posed by each type of device. Our staff exhibits expertise in various areas of specialised equipment moving:


1. Desktop and Personal Computers

Personal computers require careful handling due to their sensitive components. Our staff is adept at safely packaging, handling, and transporting these devices, ensuring they arrive at their new location in perfect working order.


2.  Network Devices

Networking equipment like routers, switches, and servers form the backbone of your business’s communication. Our team is skilled in ensuring that these devices are adequately protected during transit, and quickly set up at their new location to minimise downtime.


3. Data Storage Devices

Data forms the vital nucleus of modern businesses. Whether it’s simple backup drives or complex SAN infrastructures, we provide the diligence and care necessary to ensure your data’s physical and virtual safety throughout the move.


4. Custom-tailored Solutions

Not every move is the same, and a one-size-fits-all solution simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to sensitive IT equipment. We provide custom-tailored solutions for each move, ensuring that we address your unique needs in the most efficient and effective way possible.


Desktop Computer and Network Hardware Relocation

One of the most sensitive and operationally critical processes during a business relocation is the relocation of your company’s hardware network and desktop computer equipment to a new facility. We offer a full range of services when moving computers and network systems migration to your new facility from simple desktop disconnection, relocation, and reconnection to the planning and management of critical server and other operationally sensitive equipment. Whether you move a single file server or the entire organisation’s desktop workstations, we can ensure the equipment is moved safely, efficiently, and correctly.


Optimum Relocation Down Time

Business Relocation Services provide flexible crew scheduling times, working in with the project plan to ensure that our office movers work within the programmed plan, so the business continuity of your company is not impacted during the relocation process. This includes evening and weekend moves. Our focus when moving computers is on providing minimal disruption to your operational activities, so you can get on with the day-to-day operation of your business.


Tec Packs

Business Relocation Services have developed an efficient padded wrap for the relocation of IT and specialist computer and communications equipment. Our Tec Packs are universally sized to cater to all types and sizes of technology in the workplace. Our Packs have a toughened board on the front to ensure that Flat screen monitors are fully protected when loaded into our computer trolleys. Quick and efficient Velcro strapping is used to secure the packs to IT components.


IT and Server Relocations

Modern business would hardly function without a complex IT system supporting it. Business Relocation Services knows that your computers, servers, photocopiers, and communications equipment are the inclusive arrays of delicate electronic equipment that drive your enterprise. Our staff has specialist skills along with the appropriate protective materials and handling equipment to ensure that your IT equipment is relocated with the utmost care and priority when moving computers and associated equipment.


Computer Trolleys

In addition to the wrapping of all computer components, they will be transferred using specialised computer trolleys, which have:

  • Tiered shelving allowing multiple units to be transported safely at once.
  • Fully enclosed surroundings to prevent any tipping.
  • Pneumatic wheels prevent damage to newly carpeted/tiled surfaces.
  • A fully enclosed capsule allowing multiple handling of sensitive electronic equipment to be minimised.
  • Specially designed to fit into most lift cavities and internal office layouts.


Comprehensive Transit Insurance

Although we pride ourselves on moving computers and sensitive communications equipment safely and efficiently using all our specialist equipment so no damage occurs, any equipment we move can be fully insured with our specialist transit insurance policies. Contact us for details and a policy certificate. So, if something unforeseen does take place, you can be assured it will be either repaired or replaced promptly.


Experience Our Comprehensive Computer Disconnection and Reconnection Services Firsthand

Don’t leave your valuable computers and sensitive equipment at risk during the relocation process; partner with a trusted and experienced provider like Business Relocation Services. Reach out to us today for further information about our comprehensive range of services, or to consult with one of our knowledgeable project consultants who can help tailor a moving plan that meets the specific needs of your business. We’re here to provide a smooth, secure, and efficient transition for all your computer and IT equipment relocation needs.

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