Warehouse Relocation Checklist: Your Way to Easy Move


Moving your business is one thing, but what happens to your storehouse? Certainly, there are many ways to make business removal simpler and easier. But then, if your business relies on a huge storage space such as a depot to operate, you will need to ensure that all the goods that are stored will have a proper relocation site too. And that’s on top of making sure that they will be properly moved. But don’t fret. Just as how you can simplify a removal process by following through a checklist as you go, you can also have a warehouse relocation checklist to guide you for your warehouse move. This warehouse relocation checklist will help you before and during the process of the move. With the help of a moving expert and removalists company, the process will go smooth and easy. In fact, the moving itself requires enormous effort and time management. Of course, you don’t want to have unnecessary hiatus to your business operation. That’s why we have some tips for you.

6 Tips You Need to Do Before and During Warehouse Move

Before The Big Day

1. Assess your plan layout.

For our first item in our warehouse relocation checklist, check what are the things you need to work on. Know how to maximise the available space. This is also a good opportunity to arrange your supplies for organised stocks. Having changes in your plan layout is fine as long as it will lead you to great result.

2. Tidy up the place.

It’s hard to keep your warehouse clean all the time especially if it operates 24/7. And this is maybe the last thing you consider in your warehouse relocation checklist. But as a matter of fact, this is a good chance to declutter your supplies. Throw unnecessary items or sell them for extra bucks. Or if possible, you can have storage for the things you want to keep but no longer required for the operation.

3. Review of new permits and regulations.

A new location means new regulations and permits needed. Study the restrictions apply. Be aware of the details inclusive in the contract to avoid possible delays during the move. Being responsible for doing your task like this is necessary to make sure you’ll have a smooth move soon.

During the big day

1. Secure supplies from being stolen.

When the move takes place, your supplies are prone to get stolen because of its vulnerability during unpacking and the move itself. Obviously, you can’t watch each persons’ action to make sure your items are safe. That’s why having a close monitor of your items is included in the warehouse relocation checklist. And also, keeping an inventory for your supplies can add more security to your products.

2. Look out for damaged items.

Possible damages during the move can happen. In warehouse relocation checklist, having the team’s awareness about prioritising fewer damages when the move starts are included. Avoiding spills, bumps and poor repacking is your main goal during the move. Of course, it’s better to do the task right than fast.

3. Ask help from experts.

The moving itself is already tiring and stressful. What more if you don't have any idea how and where are you going to start doing it? Well, handling this kind of situation is not your expertise. So, instead of stressing yourself out, let the expert do their job. Not only it can give you an assurance that you'll have an excellent outcome, but also the quality of services is exact with what you need. Doing a warehouse move can be exhausting. That’s why having a guide for your depot move is necessary so you can start and end right with the process. Keeping a checklist with you can bring comfort just by following the things we have mentioned above.

Planning to move soon?

Business Relocation Services can definitely give a wide range of moving services. Call us today so we can assist you with your relocation needs. And check out our website for more blogs and tips. On the other hand, in business relocation, it's always worthwhile to know the disadvantages of the move aside from the advantages. Read "Disadvantages of Business Relocation That You Need to Take into Consideration"

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