Professional IT Protection Packing


In the fast-paced world of technological advancements, office moves are no longer confined to just physical items. A sound and robust IT relocation strategy has become an integral part of ensuring a smooth and seamless transition. From packing high-end computer equipment and peripherals to setting up an effective communication system, these are some of the elements that contribute to a successful business relocation.

Protecting your business’s computer and IT systems should be prioritised as they are typically expensive and delicate. Just knowing how to pack a computer for a move doesn’t provide enough assurance against the probable difficult moving issues that might arise.

Businesses require professional packing and moving methods – something we at Business Relocation Services specialise in. With our expertise and the right equipment, we aim to deliver a well-managed project on time and within the estimated budget. We ensure that your IT system is moved to your new location safely and swiftly without any hiccups.


IT Moving Packs

Protection of IT systems begins with proper packing and storage solutions. For companies that have retained the original packaging of their IT equipment, your valuable assets could likely be transported safely. However, situations become tricky when the original boxes are no longer available. This introduces the need for alternative means to safeguard your IT infrastructure during the move.

At Business Relocation Services, we’ve come up with an innovative solution: IT Protection Packing. This specially designed wrap allows secure relocation of computers, peripherals, and communication equipment of mixed types and sizes. It is equipped with a strengthened board at the front for screen protection and quickly fastened Velcro strapping to hold the moving packs in place.


Strategic IT Protection and Assembly

We at Business Relocation Services understand that the core functionality of your IT system hinges upon how it’s treated during transit. With our extensive experience and high-end equipment, we are fully equipped to carry out your office moves timely and within your budget constraints. Not only do we ensure the safety of your IT assets during transit and upon arrival, but we also ensure that everything is up and running at your new location rapidly.


Comprehensive IT Relocation Services: More than Just Packing

Professional IT Protection Packing is an essential aspect of a successful office move; however, many additional services are required to ensure a seamless and efficient relocation process. Here are some of the key sections and subsections to consider in a comprehensive IT relocation package.


IT Infrastructure Assessment and Planning


Site Surveys

Gain valuable insights and information about your current and new IT infrastructure by conducting site surveys and assessments. This process will help identify any potential challenges and opportunities for improvement.


Equipment Inventory

Catalogue and inventory all your IT equipment before the move to ensure accurate tracking and proper allocation of assets during the relocation process.


IT Infrastructure Strategy

Develop a comprehensive plan for your IT infrastructure, including network design, cabling, server room setup, and more, to ensure a smooth transition to your new location.


IT Equipment and System Decommissioning


Secure Data Erasure

Safeguard your sensitive information and protect your business from potential data breaches by securely erasing data from decommissioned IT equipment.


Recycling and Disposal

Partner with a professional IT relocation service that adheres to environmentally responsible practices for equipment recycling and disposal.


The Benefits of Professional IT Relocation Services

We offer more than just packing materials; our professional IT relocation services are designed to give you an all-encompassing comfortable experience.


1. Expertise and Knowledge

Our skilled technicians understand the delicacies of moving IT equipment and sensitive data. This depth of understanding helps prevent any unforeseen mishaps that could arise from inadequate packing or transportation.


2. Minimising Downtime

A successful move is one where the first day of work at the new office is seamless and productive. Business Relocation Services ensures that your IT infrastructure is ready and operational from day one. Without professional assistance, the risk of extended downtime increases, potentially hurting the workflow productivity and impacting the company’s bottom line.


3. Customised Packing Solutions

Our team goes beyond standard packing materials. We’ve developed a protective packing wrap specifically for IT relocation. It’s universally sized to cover a diverse range of equipment and includes a strengthened board for additional protection, reducing the risk of damage during transit.


4. Negating Losses and Damages

When you align with a professional IT relocation service, you eliminate the stress of setting up everything yourself. This greatly lessens the chances of mistakes leading to potential delays or system damage. Furthermore, the risk of misplacing or losing files due to inexperience is much lower when professionals are at the helm.


5. Taking the Load off Your Staff

IT relocation is a major task and assigning it to your already burdened IT department could stretch them thin. By seeking professional services, you are allowing your IT staff to continue focusing on their primary tasks while the relocation activities are handled by experts dedicated solely to the project.


6. Securing Transportation

Relying on do-it-yourself strategies or using a furniture moving company for your IT systems can be risky. They might mishandle your delicate assets leading to broken screens or worse crashes. Entrusting your assets to a professional IT relocation service provides assurance that your IT infrastructure will be handled with care.


Business Relocation Services takes pride in safeguarding your IT systems from potential harm and ensuring maximum efficiency with minimal downtime. We are devoted to providing you with peace of mind, enabling you to focus on keeping your employees informed and ready for the office move.


Ready to Make the Move?

Are you in need of a reliable, efficient and hassle-free relocation of your IT systems? Look no further. Business Relocation Services is here to help you. We offer a range of services that will handle all your IT relocation needs with professional expertise and care.

Whether you need advice on packing up your systems or need help setting up IT at your new location, we’ve got you covered. Our integrated systems offer advanced protection to ensure your vital assets stay safe and secure during the move. Time efficiency and minimise downtime are our top priorities.

To delve into further details or get a free quote, give Business Relocation Services a ring today! Let us help you with your IT relocation so you can ease into your new office space seamlessly and productively.