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Moving library or storing the collection during refurbishment is what Business Relocation Services understands best. Careful planning and organisation prior to moving library or storing resources will minimise the time and effort will allow the team at Business Relocation Services, our expert library removalists will deliver the desired result, expected during the packing, moving and unpacking of your collection.

Whether we are moving library stack for replacement of carpet or simple realignment of workflows Business Relocation Services will guide you all the way. Planning becomes the critical focus. Our library removalists teams have developed through experience the best approach to completing your library collection relocation.

Our experience and longevity in the library relocation market has allowed us to develop specialised planning, equipment and physical approaches to the relocation that see us as market leaders. Of course, our many clients include Universities, Academic, Public libraries, along with Private collections throughout Australia. In particular, we have extensive experience in ensuring our library relocation services are undertaken efficiently with a minimum of fuss.

  • Collection Relocation Services
  • Stack Relocation
  • Crates and Skates
  • Library shelf dismantling and reassembly
  • Shelf profiling
  • Gap analysis and audits
  • Collection cleaning
  • New library relocation
  • Sequential packing
  • Space planning and consultation
  • Offsite Collection storage
  • Condensing of libraries
  • Library refurbishment
  • Library recarpeting
  • Expansion of libraries
  • Library Removalists

Stack Relocations

Business Relocation Services has developed special equipment designed specifically to reduce the time required to re-carpet or CHURN a library collection. A major advantage of our stack moving system is that you can leave practically all of the books on the shelves. This allows our library removalists to quickly mover collections which deliver a reduction in relocation time, maintains the catalog order of the collection and reduces the possibility of stock damage.moving library

Business Relocation Services will work with your project team to ensure that the relocation of your stack is coordinated with the builder’s, carpet layers and other trades allowing you to focus on your work at hand. We will become a part of the planning team ensuring that the deliverable results are achievable and dialogue our experience and expertise to ensure that your next library relocation is delivered with the up most of the ease.

Consider Stack Relocations to deliver efficient cost-effective results to your next Library removal project.

The Three Step Stack Relocation Process

  1. Plan with The Builder carpet layer and condense stacks to one side
  2. When all the new carpet down Move all stacks to the new carpet
  3. Replace all in final location as per required layout

Library and Collection Removals and Relocations

At Business Relocation Services, we have, through experience, gained the expertise and the developed specialist equipment required to make your moving library moves simple, secure and reliable. Business Relocation Services refined the collection relocation process by redeveloping and adopting the library trolley system in Australia. With new equipment and trained library removalists, which has been specifically designed to meet the special needs of the library and other collection relocation and CHURN projects.

Business Relocation Services are Your Library Removalists Experts

Our equipment and fully trained library removalists use specialists systems and processes have been developed to transport your collection complete on the shelves or through our trolleys and crates we are able to ensure that the collections order is maintained, when packed and unpacked by our library removalists, ensuring that your sequentially ordered library collection is preserved while it’s being relocated. We simply lift and shift whole rows of books in your library, or if required we sequentially pack into our secure crates or trolleys, whole shelves and them when unpacking we replace them back at your new location.

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ECO Crates for Packing and Security Items

With recent development in the delivery of relocations, Business Relocation Services has adapted to the market changes. We have implemented the use of security crates and seals for the relocation of packed items, collections, and moving library.

Business Relocation Services has combined the latest in environmental management in an effort to improve the library relocation process and assist our clients where possible reduce the carbon footprint of their relocation.

Our ECO Crate and skate solution will provide an efficient highly secure modern approach to relocating your collections where trolleys cant be used Our Library Removalists will pack and carry the crates where and when necessary.

Using crate will ensure that an extra element of protection is provided when packing items of a secure nature. Security crates are all sequentially numbered and can be sealed at both ends on the top with a numbered “Grip-Lock” seal. The crate number and the seal number can be recorded on a security crate register with the contents logged as well. As the crates are made of a non-pours material, the non-penetrable biodegradable material in the event of a spill of any chemicals or liquids, which are packed in the laboratories, will be easily contained.

Some Benefits of the ECO crate are;

  • No tape required
  • Sealable and numerically numbered
  • Tamper-proof
  • Quick and easy to pack and unpack
  • Have their own Skate in stacks of 3
  • Minimise damage to buildings and contents
  • Sturdy, robust and non-crushable
  • Smooth rounded corners
  • Dimensions (LWH) 610 x 490 x 310 mm
  • Stackable
  • Leak Proof of chemicals and liquids

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