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Business Relocation Services offers an extensive range of secure offsite storage and asset management services to its clientele. We understand that the needs of every organisation vary and are unique, therefore, we provide both short-term and long-term storage services, adapting to the specific requisites of your corporation. We take pride in our ultra-secure storage facilities located in the Botany and the western suburbs of Sydney, meticulously designed to cater to diverse client needs and ensure the safekeeping of your valuable assets.

Our dedicated online stock management system warrants transparency and ease-of-access for our clients. With the privilege to view and order any of the stock held within our state-of-the-art storage facilities, our approach in asset management is seamless and customer centric. Business Relocation Services distinctively tailor the product codes and/or names to correspond to the prevailing naming conventions used within your organisation. This process, along with the inclusion of a high-definition photograph and a precise item description, fortifies the integrity of the ordering process and mitigates the potential risk of inaccurately ordered or delivered items.

Furthermore, our systems are updated in real-time, which enables us to provide 100% accuracy on product availability and stock numbers, enhancing the efficiency of our service and reducing any potential miscommunication or errors.

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Storage Asset Management – Corporate Storage Solutions

At Business Relocation Services, we bring to the table a plethora of cutting-edge storage solutions designed with state-of-the-art technology and bespoke strategies. We aim to offer an unparalleled storage asset management service to every corporate client who chooses us.


Key Functions of Business Storage Services

Our corporate storage solutions encompass a broad range of services, which are crafted appropriately to fit your organisation’s unique requirements and to help you manage your assets seamlessly. Here are the key features and functions of our storage asset management system:

  • Shop Front & Catalogue: Our organised and user-friendly showcase provides a quick and comprehensive view of your assets. We ensure each item on the display is accurately catalogued, thus facilitating effortless asset management.
  • Online Ordering and Check Out: Keeping in tune with modern needs, we’ve digitised the ordering process. Our online platform allows customers to place their orders and checkout from the comfort of their office or home.
  • Stock Availability + Real-Time Delivery Tracking (GPS): We believe in maintaining transparency with our clients. Our system allows for a real-time tracking facility empowered with GPS for delivery, which translates into absolute clarity on product availability and shipment tracking.
  • Customer-Specific Logins: With utmost respect for your privacy and confidentiality, we ensure that each client will have their individual login credentials. This helps maintain paramount security while allowing singular control over one’s account.
  • A Capacity to Host Up to 2,000 Products in a Catalogue: Our system is adept at securely storing and managing up to 2,000 distinct products in a single catalogue. Hence, no organisation is too big or too small for us.
  • Advanced Search Options: We’ve built advanced search options into our platform to enable swift and hassle-free browsing, facilitating a seamless ordering experience.
  • Customer Profiles & Order History: Each customer is special to us. Therefore, we securely store customer profiles and order history, enabling us to deliver a personalised experience and make more fitting recommendations.
  • Customer-Specific, Password Protected Categories + Orders: To ensure your transactions and stored items are safe and secure, we provide individual password-protected categories and orders. This is just another step towards preserving and upholding the security of your organisation.


Business Relocation Services is not just any storage service provider. We are a team of skilled professionals who integrate technology with our vast industry knowledge to present you with top-tier corporate storage solutions. Trust us with your storage needs, and we promise to manage your assets with utmost care and precision.


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Business Relocation Services is eager to provide a comprehensive demonstration of our unique system designed for your organisation and how it can contribute to your business growth. We are proud of our impact on our existing clientele and look forward to offering you a similar and enhanced experience. Feel free to contact us for more elaborate information about the demonstration or any other queries you might have. Remember, a capable partner for your storage needs is just one call away!