Certification and Management Systems

Business Relocation Services has received certification for various management systems.

Business Relocation Services is a wholly owned independent Australian company, established with the aim of providing a high quality of service and integrity in the fields of office relocations.

This Business Management System is established in accordance with the management system standards ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management Systems, AS/NZS 4801:2001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management Systems, to assure the quality of our work, the safety of our people and protection of the environment. The Business Management System Manual comprises policies and procedures that provide our employees and subcontractors with a clear understanding of the requirements to be complied with, to ensure that our products and services meet all customer and best practice requirements, and record forms and instructions, which are used to verify activities and provide evidence that the specified requirements have been met. The Business Management System Manual also defines the company objectives, structure and the responsibilities and authorities of our people.

Business Management System

Implementation of our Business Management System ensures that we focus on the strategy of best practice and continual improvement of our business practices. Adherence to the policies and procedures of our Business Management System assures our clients that Movin’ Office provides products and services that conform to requirements.

Some of the work we do is subcontracted to others, but we maintain control over their activities and inspection of their work. The things we do include:

  • Prepare and sign a contract with the client after discussing what they require
  • Purchase the materials required for the work
  • Engage subcontractors and monitor their work to ensure it is right
  • Carry out the work and get progress payments
  • Maintain safe work practices
  • Liaise with our customers to ensure their ongoing satisfaction
  • Liaise with our suppliers to maintain good working relationships
  • Monitor the works to ensure compliance with specifications and client requirements
  • Verify that completed work is to requirements
  • Clean up the site
  • Hand the completed job, or completed stages of a project, over to the client only when we have confirmed completion and/or the job is finished properly

Annual Audited Certification;