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Relocating your office from one place to another isn’t just a gruelling physical task; it demands meticulous planning and careful execution. Aside from figuring out logistic issues, preparing for this process includes packing up all valuable items in your office. This aspect is especially critical because the boxes you pack your office essentials can have a significant impact on the overall execution of the move. When chosen wisely, the right moving boxes can help you save costs, organise better, simplify the loading/unloading process, and prevent potential damage to your belongings.


Advantages of Using Office Removal Cartons

office removal cartons

Boxes or cartons are the most commonly used packaging items when performing office relocations. And it’s not just because they are cheap and easy to find! Moving boxes provide multiple advantages that give them an edge over plastic boxes and other packing materials. However, not all cartons can provide the same benefits. You need to choose the right moving boxes required for successful office relocation. Below are the top advantages you can get out of using the right office removal cartons.


They Allow You to Save Money

Cardboard cartons for packing are generally produced from inexpensive materials such as paperboard and corrugated fiberboard. As a result, cardboard boxes are an affordable option for shipping everything from raw materials to personal belongings. You can get as many moving cartons as you need. So, all your office valuables can be well-organised, properly packed, and safely transported.


Environment-Friendly Alternative

Moving cartons, composed of paper resources, are inherently 100% recyclable. Their production cycle generates minimal environmental pollution. Furthermore, these boxes can be re-employed for storing spare items in your new office location, thereby reducing wastage.


They’re Recyclable and Reuseable

Cartons for moving are made with paper resources, making them 100% recyclable. Their creation produces minimal pollution. You can also re-use them for storage for spare items in your new office.


They Provide Safety

Relocation packing cartons have fluted sheets glued to the linings. These fluted sheets give the items you store in these boxes some cushion during transport. They protect your assets from vibration, mechanical shocks, and jerks. While bubble wrap and foam can guarantee maximum safety, using the right cartons will provide your fragile items with an extra layer of protection. This is why cardboard boxes are typically used for moving televisions, delicate furniture, glassware, and other fragile items.


They are Clean and Pest-Free

While free boxes from your local grocery or liquor store may seem like a perfectly viable option, they have the potential to carry unwanted pests and insects. Bed bugs, moths, cockroaches, beetles, and silverfish are too small to notice and may be hidden away in the folds of a reused box. With new packing boxes or those previously used for the same purpose, you won’t have to worry about pests causing damage to your sensitive items.



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Efficient Packing and Labelling Tips for Office Moving Boxes

A well-executed office move begins with efficient packing and labelling of your moving boxes. Implementing these tips can streamline the moving process, making it easier to identify, organise, and unpack your belongings:

  1. Pack Smart: Sort your items based on categories—such as office supplies, electronics, documents, and personal belongings—and pack them accordingly. Distribute the weight evenly to ensure stability and prevent potential damage during transport.
  2. Label Boxes Clearly: Use colour-coded labels or stickers to indicate the contents of your boxes. Clearly marking each box and noting its destination will make unpacking at the new location significantly less cumbersome.
  3. Create a Detailed Inventory List: Keep track of all contents in each box by creating a detailed inventory list. This practice not only allows for better organisation, but also helps in identifying missing items or verifying the accurate transfer of your items to the new location.
  4. Use Quality Packing Materials: People often overlook the importance of using proper packing materials. Employ bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or air pillows to cushion your fragile belongings, reducing any potential risks associated with the moving process.


BRS Provides the Best Office Cardboard Box

At Business Relocation Services, we believe in using the toughest moving boxes available in the industry to give the best protection for your belongings. Our moving boxes are of the best quality and set the standard in our industry for providing the security your belongings require when travelling across different locations. These solid and sturdy moving cartons can ensure a successful transfer, whether we are performing the packing, or you want to do it yourself. It is guaranteed to protect your papers, office supplies, and other essential items that you wish to keep secure.

Our cardboard cartons are specifically designed to fit most items easily. They measure 350mm in width, 480mm in length, and 400mm in height. Each carton can fit six lever arch folders and you can conveniently place hanging files into them straight from your office cabinet. Moreover, they have a high-quality three-wall design and can be recycled.


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