Relocation Consultants

Business Relocation Services supervisors

Business Relocation Services supervisors and team leaders are all key personnel in the planning and delivery of your commercial relocation. Our Supervisors team is an integrated into the delivery of your move from the moment of acceptance this ensures an efficient team is able to deliver the required relocation service. This team is complemented by our operational team who have substantial experience and expertise in all aspects of the physical delivery of office and commercial moving.

The provision of these services is through our fully managed and trained Business Relocation Services teams which are trained to deliver the requirements of your relocation through the utilisation of the following

  • Supply of moving teams, specialised moving equipment & vehicles
  • Moving Cartons and Crates
  • Moving Pro Pac, Sequential packing and unpacking of filing and storage systems
  • Moving Management, Physical relocation planning, logistical planning of the relocation
  • Audit systems, and asset management
  • Compact us and storage system dismantle, relocation and reassembly
  • Moving IT, Our Tec Pac for the full relocation of IT & Telecommunications Equipment
  • Safe relocations
  • Warehouse Relocations and shelving dismantling and reassembly
  • Heavy/large machinery and equipment transport
  • Offsite storage of excess items