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Planning a stress-free business relocation can be simple if you follow a few steps

Business relocations can be time-consuming and are likely to affect the productivity of your business. Large organisations often have the resources and capability to absorb the disruption. However, for small businesses, the influence can make a significant impact. The expense of a business relocation combined with the loss of productivity brought about by interruption may lead to a significant loss of work or maybe even customers. Therefore it’s essential to prepare as much as you can so that when moving day comes, the transition will be efficient. Allowing you to settle into the new office minimising any effect on business continuity and productivity.

  1. Plan the process

Take the time to complete a detailed plan or list of all the things you need to run your business. Phone and internet services, access for customers, space utilisation for your staff, the layout of the office and workspace and all the other things that you need to run the daily operations of your business. Take photos of the new space and draw a plan to make sure that you can work efficiently in the new office. Document where things will go in the new office and engage with staff and trades to ensure that your plan will work. The main goal is to ensure you maintain business continuity minimising downtime and loss of productivity. Help from a successful Business Relocations company can go a long way to ensuring a smooth transition.

  1. Plan for downtime

With all the planning completed ensure you have thought about the thing going wrong. Even though you have planned everything things can still pop up that impact this plan. Such as a telephone or internet connection failure, Fitout running behind time or inclement weather on the day slowing things down. Communicating with staff, clients, suppliers and business partners that you are going through the process or relocating your business and there may be disturbances to normal processes will help relieve the stress during this move.

  1. Hire the best business relocations company

Make sure that the relocation company you hire has a track record. And also can demonstrate that they have done this type of work before. Partnering with a Business relocation expert will ensure that your office move is a success. Evaluate feedback and reviews from clients they have previously moved and online sources about their experiences with various moving organisations. In addition, review the services offered, experience and costs for the service you require. When you have made the decision, ensure the scope of work and costs are clearly defined. And note the service requires you need to move to your new facility.

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