Computer Relocation Services

At Business Relocation Services, our Technology PC Disconnect and Reconnect Services allow you to reduce downtime and lower the overall cost of your office relocation.

The Process of PC Disconnect and Reconnect:

  1. Business Relocation Services to attend pre-move meetings to meet with your mover and IT department to establish roles and timeframes for the PC disconnect and reconnect.
  2. Move Day – Arrive shortly before the removalist do to begin disconnecting, auditing and preparing devices for the Business Relocation Services Team, staying ahead of the movers at all times.
  3. Reconnect – Clean computers & phones. Reconnect, test all items and documents.
  4. Post Move Support and help desk service.

Business Relocation Services have teams of trained IT staff to document, disconnect, transport, reconnect and test your office technology, desktop computer and telephone equipment for basic connectivity, report the results to your IT staff and assist as required with resolving any outstanding issues, and that’s just our standard service.

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During the relocation process, we can audit, disconnect, reconnect along with the test, troubleshoot, fault find, report and resolve issues. This gives your IT department the peace of mind to focus on other tasks and services knowing they have entrusted Business Relocation Services with their desktop IT requirements, from standard users to dealer desks and trading floor layouts Business Relocation Services have the team and resources along with the required experience to deliver your IT Relocation project on time, on budget and as risk-free as possible.

  • Experienced Supervisor and Team Leaders
  • IT engineers
  • Fully documented process with an end to end reporting
  • Asset tracking paperwork for each device
  • Trained and unified team with the appropriate equipment
  • Fast and Cost-efficient service
  • Clear reporting and communication with your project team
  • Completion of pre and post-move support services

Desk Top Device and Staff Auditing

Relocating is the most common time that this is undertaken by an organization, there is the need to know exactly who is moving and what they have, as well as the service requirements at their new location. We work with your current data capture software or identify an appropriate solution to ensure you can use the data to the best of its ability. We ensure our team has the correct understanding of the audit requirements to make sure that the information captured during the audit is correct and usable.

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