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Required considerable planning and logistical and operational consideration. At Business Relocation Services we will put a full planning and project timeline in place for all warehouse relocations without this planning it would be a huge task for an inexperienced moving company. Business Relocation Services can relocate your warehouse and operations to your new facility with our skilled teams, and specialized moving equipment.

We offer a full range of services in & around Sydney which includes:

  • Warehouse Relocations planning and preparation
  • racking and shelving relocations
  • specialist equipment relocations
  • Factory Relocations
  • logistical planning and coordination
  • sequential packing and unpacking

Phase One Services

  • Project evaluation review and appraisal of the layout plans and operating system based on issued drawings form your architect.
  • Engage key operational staff to ensure workflows are functional.
  • Define works and write scopes for trades, services, and ongoing operation.
  • Establish and maintain relocation timelines to ensure business continuity.
  • Risk and business impact identification.
  • Scope, source and review quotes for approval for all trades required to complete turnkey operation.
  • Technical due diligence for compliance and certification.
  • OHS compliance requirements evaluation, system design, and implementation
  • Ensure layout and processes complies with all legislation
  • Work with the Mechanical and Electrical services.
  • Undertake and attain private certification for site operation.
  • Feasibility studies for consolidation of stores and supplies
  • Formulate and complete a space audit analysis for consolidated stores and supplies
  • Draft scope for approval to fit out new racking and shelving
  • Obtain and review pricing for approval of the provision of new racking and shelving
  • Programming
  • Establish and manage a working program to ensure delivery and minimize the impact on the overall business.
  • Run and minute regular weekly move project meetings your staff
  • Regular update move and logistics program

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Phase Two Services

  • Project implementation and physical services management
  • Onsite management for the delivery of trade services, installation of services, and equipment physical relocation.
  • Manage commissioning of machinery and complete production test and compliance
  • Progress and completion reporting
  • Risk management and minimization
  • Manage the cleanup and make good at old sites as required.
  • Warehouse and Factory Relocations

Business Relocation Services use a variety of equipment to pack move and complete warehouse relocations. All warehouse items and stock parts are packed moved and unpacked by our trained staff using our specialised equipment, which includes:

  • sturdy pallets and pallet collar systems
  • Crates and Skates
  • Cages and trolleys
  • Cage Stillage

The use of these products in various combinations ensures that our teams can quickly efficiently and safely pack transfer and unpack the tools equipment and parts in most warehouse environments. Workshop benches larger equipment and tools us relocated on our vehicles. Our vehicles are loaded manually and via the use of tailgate loaders and items can also be forked on depending on the piece being relocated and the vehicle we are using. Business Relocation Services use a wide variety of vehicles fitted with specialist equipment such as tailgate hoists with up to 3 tonne capacity to lift on and off the various types of equipment found in warehouses and workshops. Our teams will dismantle if required equipment to ensure that the relocation process can be completed safely.

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