Moving Crates and Skates

Why use boxes that take time to assemble and have to be taped together, also run the risk of crushing and falling apart causing damage to your goods. Crates and Skates will solve all your problems.

Simple, easy and eco-friendly crates and skates will ensure your next move runs more cost effective and efficiently. Movin’ Office has combined the latest in environmental management in an effort to improve the relocation process and assist our clients where possible reduce the carbon footprint of their relocation. Our eco-crates and skates solution will also, if needed, provide an efficient, highly secure modern approach to relocating commercial work areas.


Security of Packed Items

Using a crate will ensure that an extra element of protection is provided when packing items of a secure nature. Security crates and skates are all sequentially numbered and can be sealed at both ends on the top with a numbered “Grip Lock” seal. The crate number and the seal number can be recorded on a security crate register with the contents logged as well. As the crates are made of non-porous material, non-penetrable biodegradable material in the event of a spill of any chemicals or liquids, which are packed in the laboratories, will be easily contained.


Occupational and Safety Compliance

As the crate is packed on a skate and the lid folded over to close it then the next placed on top to be packed there is no need for your staff to have to lift heavy items, ensuring that there are no manual handling issues in the workplace. Once the stack is comfortable, 3 or 4 crates high your staff can easily wheel the pile away to a safe location ensuring that emergency egress is not hindered during the move.



Crates and skates come in stacks when delivered to your office, they are easily moved to the areas required for packing and require no fiddly assembly or taping, saving you precious time when packing and preparing for your move. Likewise, when unpacking at your new office there is very little to do other than wheel the crates and skates to a comfortable position flip the lid open them unpack into your cabinets, then simply stack the crates and skates inside each other for collection.


Added Protection

As the crates and skates are made from a tough polymer plastic, they are strong enough to handle the heavyweights when filled up and won’t collapse when being moved damaging any of the more sensitive items that are packed during the move.


In-depth Insights into the Benefits of Crates and Skates

Below are the detailed explanations of the benefits that make Crates and Skates a lucrative option when it comes to managing your office relocation:


No tape required

Crates and Skates are easy to assemble and don’t require the use of tape, streamlining the moving process. This translates into faster packing and unpacking, allowing you to save valuable time during the move.


Sealable and numerically numbered

These crates are sequentially numbered for easy tracking. Additionally, they can be sealed at both ends using numbered “Grip Lock” seals. This allows for better organisation and enhances the security of your valuable items during transportation.


Tamper proof

Crates and Skates are designed to be tamper-proof, providing an added layer of security for your possessions throughout the move. This ensures that your items remain safe and in their original condition.


Quick and easy to pack and unpack

Thanks to their user-friendly design, these crates can be conveniently packed and unpacked, facilitating a smooth relocation experience.


Have their own Skate in stacks of 3

Crates and Skates come in stacks of three, providing a stable and secure way to transport your items. The skate design ensures easy manoeuvring, making your relocation process more efficient.


Minimise damage to buildings and contents

Crates and Skates are made from a durable polymer plastic, ensuring they won’t collapse during the move. This minimises the risk of damage to your belongings and prevents any damage to building infrastructure during transportation.


Sturdy, robust and non-crushable

These crates are designed to be strong and resilient, providing enhanced protection for even your most delicate items during the move.


Smooth rounded corners

Crates and Skates are crafted with smooth rounded corners to prevent injuries and scratches when handling them. This ensures the safety of your employees during all stages of the relocation process.


Dimensions (LWH) 610 x 490 x 310 mm

With their spacious dimensions, Crates and Skates can accommodate a wide range of items. This makes your packing process more organised, as each crate can hold ample belongings.



These crates are designed to be effortlessly stacked, optimising space during storage and transportation.


Leak Proof for chemicals and liquids

Crates and Skates are made from non-porous materials, rendering them suitable for storing and transporting chemicals and liquids without the risk of leakage. They protect the rest of your belongings from any potential spills or hazards.

Crate and Skate Solution

Business Relocation Services has combined the latest environmental management to improve the relocation process. With the use of Crate and Skate solutions, office relocation has now become more efficient and faster than ever. In addition, it helps reduce the carbon footprint when relocating.


open crate with documents
Crate and Skate grip lock seal
crate closed and sealed


ECO Crate and Skate Solutions provide an efficient highly secure modern approach to relocating commercial work areas. Crates will ensure that an extra element of protection is provided when packing items. The crates are all sequentially numbered and can be sealed at both ends with a number “Grip Lock” seal. The crate number and the seal number can be recorded on a security crate register. Our crates are made of non-pours material and non-penetrable biodegradable material.

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