Vehicles with GPS Tracking

Business relocations can be an exciting experience, but at times can also be stressful. This is why it is crucial to find relocation professionals who can safely move your expensive investments with your assets arriving safe, secure, and on time at their destination.

Business Relocation Services has the best quality resources to provide a smooth moving experience for your company. Aside from our highly trained and experienced project managers and moving staff, our moving vehicles can also secure your valuables every step of the way. Our fleet of moving trucks is equipped with GPS tracking devices. So, our drivers can quickly and safely deliver your assets where they need to go.


Vehicles with GPS tracking

What is GPS Tracking?

GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System, involves a network of satellites orbiting around the Earth and devices that can help determine an object or a person’s location. Originally developed in the 60s for military applications, GPS now has a range of uses that make it ubiquitous in daily life. GPS can help you find the right directions to a specific location and track where a truck is on its route. It can also help you find a person’s location and monitor assets being transported.


How Does a Vehicle GPS Tracking Device Work?

GPS tracking devices send unique satellite signals to receivers that track the exact location of the GPS device. These receivers will then compute the time and velocity the devices are traveling. The results of these computations can also be viewed in three-dimensional images.


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Importance of GPS Tracking in Relocation Services

While moving companies can continue to provide good service without GPS tracking, a professional mover that uses a GPS move tracker can provide more advantages. Here are the ways GPS tracking contributes to relocation services.


Optimise Routes

A GPS tracking system helps optimise transport routes. It makes it easy to locate drivers and monitor their arrival times.


Improve Security

Owners know where their goods are at any specific time.


Validation of Completed Work

GPS tracking provides records of where the drivers are and electronic proof that they worked the hours on their invoices. This builds trust and demonstrates good customer service.


Increase Safety

GPS fleet tracking solutions can alert the office when drivers are speeding, making hard stops, and suddenly accelerating. Being capable of detecting these dangerous events ensures that drivers will develop better, safer driving habits that will protect the moving vehicles and all assets being transported.


The Advantages of Hiring Business Relocation Services with GPS Tracking

In the landscape of business relocation, the addition of GPS tracking technology offers manifold advantages. It’s not merely about plotting a course on a map – it’s about utilising real-time data for efficiency, transparency, and overall management of the moving process. Here, we delve deeper into the top benefits of employing GPS-equipped Business Relocation Services:


1. Real-time Asset Monitoring for Improved Security

With GPS tracking, you enjoy the ability to monitor the whereabouts of your assets in real-time. This is not only a reassurance that your valuables are secure, but it also means quick detection and resolution of any unexpected situations occurring en route. Navigational errors, vehicle breakdowns, unexpected congestion – potential challenges can be tackled immediately. This real-time visibility also discourages theft or unauthorised use of the vehicle, ensuring the ultimate security for your assets.


2. Route Optimization for Efficient Transit

Efficiency is everything in a relocation process. A GPS tracking system helps optimise transport routes, saving time and reducing fuel costs. This sophisticated system can guide drivers along the most efficient routes, considering variables such as traffic, road work, weather and distance. Moreover, as new obstacles or better paths unfold, the GPS system can adapt on the fly. This swift response can make the difference between a smooth move and a delayed one.


3. Transparent Service Validation, Building Customer Trust

GPS tracking technology provides a clear, accurate record of the vehicle’s journey – showcasing the route taken, the time spent on the move, and the number of breaks taken during transit. This transparent footprint serves as validation of the services provided, ensuring that invoiced hours match the actual work done. As clients, you can be confident that you are getting exactly what you have paid for, which significantly boosts trust and rapport between you and the services provider.


4. Enhanced Safety Measures for Reduced Risk

Safety is paramount, especially when your valuable assets are at stake. GPS fleet tracking solutions can monitor for dangerous driving behaviors like speeding, hard stops, and sudden acceleration. This offers an opportunity for feedback to drivers and, over time, promotes safer driving habits. By reducing these risks, GPS tracking ensures the safety of both the moving vehicles and the assets they are transporting. It also lessens the probability of safety-related delays, making sure that your assets arrive at their new home on time.


5. Greater Control over Resource Management

GPS tracking provides insights that allow for improved human resources and logistical management. For instance, it can empower managers to allocate resources effectively, ensuring that each driver is used to their maximum capacity and that no routes are being duplicated unnecessarily. By knowing exactly where each vehicle is and how it is being used, management can make informed decisions on how best to deploy their team.


6. Streamlined Communication between Drivers and the Main Office

Traditional methods of communication with drivers on the road can be disruptive and potentially unsafe. GPS tracking enables seamless, real-time communication between the main office and drivers. With simply a glance at a GPS display, drivers can receive messages and directions, while the main office can easily check progress or reroute a vehicle if necessary.


7. Reduction in Fuel Costs and Environmental Impact

As GPS systems optimise routes, not only is time saved, but so is fuel. By taking the best, most direct routes, vehicles can use less fuel, and by extension, reduce a move’s overall carbon footprint. This is not only beneficial from a cost perspective but is also a greener, more sustainable approach to conducting business.


Through these extensive benefits, it’s clear that GPS technology infused into relocation services can significantly elevate the overall moving process. It’s no longer just about moving assets from one point to another – it’s about optimising the journey, securing every step, and making sure that your move is as transparent, safe, and efficient as possible.


Choose Business Relocation Services for a Seamless, GPS-Tracked Experience

At Business Relocation Services, all our vehicles have been fitted with the latest Global Positioning System (GPS). We can guarantee that all the goods in transit are closely monitored and safely transported on the quickest routes possible.

For professional business relocation experts that can offer tailored moving solutions and state-of-the-art equipment, get in touch with Business Relocation Services. From packing and unpacking to moving bulky furniture and equipment, to transporting your investments, we’ll be happy to be accountable for all your unique moving needs.