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While a lot of attention is given to safely moving your assets during a business relocation, some focus must also be directed towards protecting non-movable stuff. This includes your building’s floors, walls, carpets, stairs, and elevators, which are all exposed to the risk of damage during the moving process. The floors, walls, and fixed elements could get scraped, dinged, and shattered. As a tenant, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of the building’s structure and its components. This will help you avoid paying for damages and gracefully leave your old office. Not to mention, this hassle becomes a waste of time and money, especially when the landlord refuses to return your deposit or file for legal charges.

Having professional movers such as Business Relocation Services is your safest option for building protection. A reliable, insured, and experienced mover will give you peace of mind that everything is handled carefully. Moreover, our expert packers and movers have the right tools to make sure that your belongings, as well as the building’s structure, will never be damaged.

Business Relocation Services Can Provide Building Protection

Moving your business can be physically and mentally stressful. And it’s even more difficult if you don’t have any experience or help from an expert. To avoid any additional hassles such as structural damages during the move, hire Business Relocation Services. Here are the things we can do for the safety of your old or new building.

Floor Protection

The sharp edges and weight of your furniture are major concerns if you want to keep your floor protected. If you drop or drag the furniture, it can scrape the floor and puncture or crack the tiles. At Business Relocation Services, we make sure to pad your furniture and use floor guards before lifting or moving it. We also have moving blankets and cardboard boxes to keep your furniture from causing floor damage during the move. If needed, we can disassemble your furniture to make it lighter, easier to move around, and less prone to causing accidents.

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Wall Protection

Walls are the most exposed parts of any building and can be damaged easily during the move. When you move large equipment or furniture with sharp corners, they could scratch, dent, or puncture the walls. Business Relocation Services has a team of movers that are trained to move such items without aggressively hitting wall surfaces. We have materials such as corner guards, cardboard boxes, and moving blankets that will ensure your large items won’t scratch any walls or peel paint. Our experience also allows us to apply the right solutions, such as taking measurements and disassembling your heavy items. So, your items won’t cause structural problems and easily fit through the door.

Carpet Protection

It’s not uncommon for carpets to get damaged or get dirty during a move. Our movers can make sure that the base of your furniture does not scratch the carpet. We use cardboard, films, and other items exclusively made to protect carpets. Our protective materials will make the surface non-slippery and save your carpet from tears and punctures.

Stairs and Elevator Protection

While it may not be part of your office space, you also need to pay close attention to stairs and elevators. Business Relocation Services knows that the building’s stairs and elevators are constantly used by all tenants. So, you could get into a lot of trouble if your move causes a problem with these elements. Our professional movers will move your items as quickly as possible, without causing damage and disruption to other tenants. Your items will be carefully wrapped in moving blankets, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, or moving blankets, and the interior of the elevator, and its control panel, will have the pads and protective materials it requires.

Dealing with property damage like scratched or broken flooring, dented walls, dirty carpets, and stair or elevator maiming is a huge burden you don’t want to experience. If you are moving offices and want things done right and quickly, talk to the professional movers at Business Relocation Services today.

Business Relocation Services understands the importance of ensuring that your facility will remain free from damage throughout the relocation process. Business Relocation Services provide a variety of different building protection specific to each building site.