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Crate and Skate Hire for Efficient Packing and Moving


In recent years, the delivery and relocation industry has experienced numerous changes. To adapt and stay ahead of these trends, Business Relocation Services has implemented the use of plastic security crates and skates with seals for moving packed items during office relocations. Our commitment to providing eco-friendly and efficient solutions has resulted in the introduction of our crate and skate relocation solution.

By utilising our eco crate and skate solution, you will benefit from a highly secure, modern approach to relocating commercial work areas. This environmentally friendly solution not only streamlines the relocation process but also reduces your company’s carbon footprint during the move.


Sustainable Moving with The Eco Crate and Skate System

With changing dynamics in the relocation sector, Business Relocation Services has crossed another milestone in integrating environmentally friendly features into operations. The launch of our green “Crate and Skate” hire and rental service for efficient office moving ensures both environmental responsibility and quality service.

The large-scale use of cardboard boxes in relocations often results in excessive waste. To combat this and help in reducing the carbon footprint of our clients’ relocations, we have adopted our “Crate and Skate” solution. This solution aims to streamline packing and provides a convenient way to move securely packed items in commercial areas.

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Additional Layers of Security and Efficiency

Incorporating a crate and skate solution into your relocation process ensures that an extra layer of security and protection is provided when packing items of a sensitive nature. Packing and unpacking with our office moving crate and skate solution is fast and straightforward. You don’t need to deal with the hassle of setting it up or the mess that comes with tape.

Our Security Crates are all sequentially numbered and can be sealed at both ends on the top with a numbered “Grip Lock” seal. The crate number and the seal number can be recorded on a security crate register with the contents logged as well. As the crates are made of non-porous material and feature non-penetrable biodegradable material, any potential spills of chemicals or liquids packed in the laboratories will be easily contained.


Exceptional Benefits of the Eco Crate and Skate Solution

Choosing our Eco Crate and Skate for your relocation process offers numerous advantages:

  1. No Tape Required: Save time and avoid the mess by simply filling the crate and folding the lid over. The design of the crates eliminates the necessity for packing tape. The lid is designed to snugly cover the contents and securely click into place, offering a frustration-free packaging experience while reducing the waste that comes from excessive tape usage.
  2. Sealable and Numerically Numbered: The crates come with an innovative sealing system for added security. Each crate can be individually sealed and is numerically numbered, making it easy to track items and ensure none gets misplaced. All security crates are sequentially numbered, and the seal number can be recorded on a security crate register with its contents log.
  3. Tamper-proof: An added layer of protection for your valuable items during transit. The crate and skate system are designed to deter unauthorised access. Once the crate is sealed, it cannot be opened without breaking the seal, ensuring transported items remain untouched during the move.
  4. Quick and Easy to Pack and Unpack: Simplifies the relocation process, saving you time and effort. The primary focus of the crate and skate system is efficiency. Their design allows for quick packing and unpacking, significantly reducing the time and effort required during a move.
  5. Built-in Skate: Skates are included with each crate, stackable in sets of three for easy handling. It is designed to effortlessly move the crates around. The skates are stackable with the crates in groups of three, allowing easy manoeuvrability while maximising efficiency.
  6. Damage Minimization: Protects buildings and contents from potential damage that may occur during the move. The crate and skate system are built to minimise damage to building infrastructures and the contents within the crate. They are designed to move smoothly, reducing the chances of scratching or scuffing floors or walls.
  7. Sturdy, Robust, and Non-crushable: Made with high-quality, durable materials, these crates are robust and crush-resistant, ensuring your items are protected. The sturdy design ensures the security of your belongings, even when stacked or during transportation.
  8. Smooth Rounded Corners: The safe handling of items is a priority during packing or moving. To maximise safety and minimise risk of injury, these crates are designed with smooth, rounded corners.
  9. Leak Proof: There’s no need to worry about transporting liquids or chemicals. The crates are designed to be leak-proof, containing any potential spills and preventing damage to other items. This feature makes these crates a safe choice for laboratories and other industries that handle liquids regularly.
  10. Dimensions (LWH): 610 x 490 x 310 mm. This balanced design helps users pack efficiently without overloading the crates, ensuring safe transport.
  11. Stackable: The crates’ designs allow for easy stacking, making storage in a confined space or large-scale transport in a standard moving truck simpler and more cost-effective.


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Crate and Skate Hire & Rental


The 68L Security Crate

Our 68L Security Crate is a high-quality Australian-made product designed to meet Australian standards, ensuring durability in the often-harsh Australian climate.

Standout Features:

  • Eco-friendly: Manufactured from recyclable Polypropylene Impact Co-Polymer Ultraviolet Retardant & Biodegradable additive materials.
  • Easy to Use, Washable, and Space-saving: Keeping the crates clean and storing them when not in use is a breeze, as they can be nested within each other for efficient storage.
  • Secure and Lockable: Standard crates are equipped with a Black Base and a High Visibility Lid, easily lockable with a security seal, providing an extra layer of protection.
  • Convenient Carrying Handles: The crate has two sets of carrying handles, making it easy to transport.
  • Versatile Storage Options: Internal hanging rails are incorporated to hang files and documents.
  • Weight: 4KG
  • Dimensions: 630mm x 450mm x 315
  • Colour Options: Available in Black with a Black lid or Black with a Red lid, adding a touch of professionalism to your relocation process.


Utilise Crate and Skate for a Range of Purposes

This office moving crate and skate solution is suitable for a wide range of purposes, including fast packing and unpacking, security, archiving, and transportation. Eliminate the stress and environmental impact of your office relocation with our Crate and Skate Rental. Contact us on 1300 92 94 40 or via our website for more information. Let’s make your office relocation seamless, secure, and eco-friendly with our innovative Crate and Skate rental service!