Business Relocation Services will provide a dedicated project team headed by our Business Relocation Services Manager to ensure the smooth running of your office move. Our experienced and trained staff will ensure that all aspects of your relocation are covered in the preliminary Business Relocation Services meetings and your staff will be fully briefed through our Business Relocation Services guidelines. Our Business Relocation Services manager will ensure that;

Planning and resource allocation is complete

• IT special requirement and timelines
• Sequential packing or security packing requirements
• Specialised service requirements
• Business Relocation Services guidelines and communication documentation

Access requirements have been completed

• Tenancy Access
• Loading dock bookings
• Lift keys and swipe card access
• Security guards as required

Special relocation services are booked and managed

Post relocation services and debrief


Business Relocation Services will provide a dedicated project team to ensure the smooth running of all Business Relocation Services Clients relocations.

All projects will be undertaken and carried out to the expectations of Business Relocation Services Clients. Business Relocation Services utilises materials and equipment of the highest standards available and only the person with the previous office and commercial experience will be involved in your relocation.

Business Relocation Services operational team comprises personnel who have extensive experience in all aspects of commercial relocations. Our personnel are trained beyond industry and AFRA standards, and are paid in accordance with relevant awards.

• Operative teams are fully uniformed and branded with our company logo to ensure security is not compromised during the relocation
• Regular on-site toolbox talks are held to update supervisors and crews dedicated to this project
• Updated daily planning schedules made in conjunction with the Business Relocation Services Clients Project Team
• Preparation of a move program detailing the proposed schedule for the relocation, resources tasks to be undertaken and timings
• Assist with the floor plan labelling and tagging of items to be relocated

The Business Relocation Services project management team of people cover all aspects of your project requirements and we individually tailor our services to meet the project requirements:


Provision of project management services include:


Project evaluation review and appraisal of the layout plans and operation system based on issued drawings form your architect
• Engage key operational staff to ensure workflows are functional
• Define works and write scopes for trades, services, and ongoing operation
• Establish and maintain relocation timelines to ensure business continuity
• Risk and business impact identification
• Scope, source and review quotes for approval for all trades required to complete turnkey operation

Technical due diligence for compliance and certification
• OHS compliance requirements evaluation, system design, and implementation
• Ensure layout and processes complies with all legislation
• Undertake and attain private certification for site operation

Feasibility studies
• Formulate and complete a space audit analysis for relocation

• Establish and manage a working program to ensure delivery and minimise the impact on the overall business
• Run and minute regular weekly move project meetings
• Regular update move and logistics program


Project implementation and physical services management
• Onsite management for the delivery of equipment physical relocation
• Progress and completion reporting
• Risk management and minimisation
• Manage the tidy up and make good at old sites as required