Our Promise

Business Relocation Services is committed to providing a devoted and professional project team led by our seasoned Business Relocation Services Manager. The team will ensure your office transition progresses smoothly and efficiently.

Utilising our reliable and skilled workforce, we cover all facets of your relocation in our initial Business Relocation Services meetings. We provide comprehensive briefings for your employees through our structured guidelines to ensure everyone is informed.


Our Business Relocation Services Manager is responsible for:

  • Comprehensive Planning and Resource Allocation: We understand that every successful move begins with a meticulously outlined plan, detailing the level of resources required and how they will be utilised. Our manager takes the helm of this significant duty, ensuring timelines and objectives are met.
  • Conforming to IT specific requirements and outlining the relevant timelines: Every business today relies heavily on its IT infrastructure. In managing the relocation, we pay particular attention to any specific IT requirements, carefully outlining timelines to ensure the least amount of disruption to your operations.
  • Executing sequential and security packing prerequisites: Orderly packing is essential to a smooth transition. We follow stringent packing procedures, ensuring items are accounted for and securely packed to prevent loss or damage.
  • Organising and managing specialised service requirements: From handling special equipment to managing essential documents, we facilitate and oversee all specialised service requirements.
  • Streamlining Business Relocation Services guidelines and communication documentation: For a seamless relocation experience, we work to streamline the guidelines that govern our relocation services and enhance communication between all vested parties.


Complete Access Requirements

  • Ensuring tenancy access: We liaison with the appropriate parties to secure tenancy access at both the old and new locations.
  • Scheduling loading dock arrangements: We coordinate with property managers to arrange for loading dock access to ensure a smooth move.
  • Administering lift keys and swipe card access: Our project management team will arrange lift keys and swipe card access to ensure seamless movement within the new premises.
  • Managing security detail, if needed: Should your business require additional security during the transition, our project management team will arrange and oversee this detail.


Additionally, we ensure special relocation services are meticulously booked and supervised.



The Aftercare

Our service does not end with the completion of the move. We have a dedicated follow-up team that ensures all post-relocation transitions are completed flawlessly. Our dedicated follow-up team provides a thorough debrief after the relocation, ensuring all post-relocation transitions are completed flawlessly and to your utmost satisfaction.



Our Teams Deliver Results

Business Relocation Services offers a dedicated project team to guarantee the smooth completion of every Business Relocation Services Clients relocations.

We are committed to delivering all projects to the stringent expectations of our clients. We employ only the best materials and equipment available and engage personnel with prior office and commercial moving experience.

Our operational team comprises personnel experienced in all nuances of commercial relocations. Well-trained beyond industry and AFRA standards, our team is compensated in accordance with relevant awards.


Key features of our service delivery include:

  • Ensuring our teams are uniformed and branded, to maintain security during the relocation: Our teams are always uniformed and carry branded materials to maintain security during the relocation.
  • Conducting periodic on-site toolbox talks: We regularly conduct toolbox talks on-site, keeping our teams updated about progress and any emerging issues.
  • Preparing a thorough moving program with a detailed schedule for the relocation: Our team prepares a thorough moving program with a detailed schedule for the relocation ensuring a smooth transition.



Our project management team will cover all aspects of your project requirements, crafting a service you can rely on:



We extensively plan your move to mirror your unique business requirements. Key components of this stage include project evaluation and appraisal, engagement of key operational staff, the definition and execution of the scope of work, strict timeline establishment, feasibility studies, and coordinating programming efforts.

  • Project evaluation and appraisal: We carry out an in-depth assessment and analysis of your project, identifying key factors that will influence the move.
  • Engagement of key operational staff: We ensure to involve appropriate staff members from your team in the planning process. Their insights are vital to a successful relocation.
  • Definition and execution of work scope: We define the complete range of work involved in the move and execute each task meticulously.
  • Establishment of strict relocation timelines: We recognize the value of timely execution. Thus, we plan a strict schedule to adhere to, ensuring everything is completed within your time constraints.
  • Conduct of rigorous feasibility studies: We conduct comprehensive studies to evaluate the feasibility of your move. This aids us in identifying any potential challenges and planning accordingly.
  • Coordination of programming efforts for a seamless relocation: We ensure all moving parts work in unison for a smooth relocation transition.



We meticulously implement strategies and manage project implementation, progress and completion reporting, risk management, and coordinate the tidying process at previous sites. We focus on delivering a seamless, fuss-free move that allows your business to continue without major disruption.

  • Management of project implementation: Our team oversees the overall management of the project execution, ensuring each task aligns with the drawn relocation strategy.
  • Progress and completion reporting: Regular updates and comprehensive reports on the progress of the move are provided. Upon completion, a detailed report is given to ensure absolute transparency.
  • Risk management: We understand that relocation comes with potential risks. As such, we have strategies in place to manage any risks or challenges that may emerge in the execution phase.
  • Coordination of the tidying process at previous sites: As part of our service, we also coordinate the cleaning process at your previous location once the relocation is completed. This grants you the peace of mind to focus solely on settling into your new environment.

By entrusting us with your relocation project, you can ensure a worry-free, professionally managed move that aligns with your business goals and timelines.


Let the Experts Handle Your Move: Choose Us!


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