How Local Moving Services Worth Every Penny?


Let's say you’ve sold your place and have a new one on the horizon. So, it’s now time to pack up all your possessions and move them across town to the new place of your office relocation. And since you are going a few blocks or miles away, it’s tempting to try to manage the move yourself, right? Well, it's possible. But before you do that, consider how stressful it is to move by yourself. Considering that you have plenty of stuff, well that sucks dude! Why not try to have local moving services help? That could be a lot better than stressing yourself too much.

Why Local Moving Services?

Well, why not? A local moving services company has its advantages. First, they already know the area. So, they won’t be depending on their phones to get your possessions to your new location. Besides, they know what size of the truck would best work for which areas of town. And it could be very handy if you are moving to a location that has truck restrictions. Second, a local moving services company has a lot more interest in doing a good job for you. Why? Well, word of mouth travels fast and if you’re not happy with the move then they have to live with the bad reviews. And as a matter of fact, when you hire local moving services company, you’re also keeping the in-town economy a win-win for everybody.

Common Questions that Local Moving Services Firm Ask Before Giving You an Estimate Quote

As you have lots of questions to ask for your prospect office movers, they too have some for you. They need to ask all the necessary questions they do the move. In this way, they can give you an accurate quote. You will most likely get a ballpark estimate and an option for a free in-visit survey. Well, a survey is much more detailed with much more precision than the initial estimate. It covers the exact services that you are about to request. And also, during the survey, it is a great time to ask any related questions that you might want to ask. So, to give you some idea, here are some of the common question they’ll have for you.

  1. How many rooms?
  2. Do you have a garage, basement or attic?
  3. Do you have anything heavy like a standing safe?
  4. Any playing equipment like basketball goals or trampolines?
  5. How about any landing scaping features? Fountain or a built-in grill?

They’ll also want to know if you have antiques or any fragile arts. And if you do have unusual valuable things, most movers will likely need extra paperwork. They'll inspect each piece with you before it’s packed. This is for them to take a note on the condition.

Important Questions You Need to Ask Local Moving Services Company

1. Are your crews insured?

If you are not familiar with the company you are about to hire, better do some research. Ask to see a copy of the declaration page for the business insurance policy. Ask for a damage policy as well, so that if something breaks you know what the movers will pay.

2. What services package you have?

You may also ask them what specific service offers they cover. This will help you check if they are capable of doing the things you need during your transfer.

3. Is your hourly rate per person or for the entire crew?

Most local moving services will quote an hourly rate for two or three-man crew. If you think three is unnecessary, well try to think twice. That third person makes things go a whole lot faster when stairs or bulky and heavy things are a factor. Got the idea?

4. Do they charge for travel time? Is the crew off the clock for lunch and breaks?

Well, companies vary with the travel charges. Generally, once they get to your place, the clock is running. Most of the time they will stop at a drive-thru and eat lunch on the way to the new location. So, there isn’t any downtime. Moving to your new place should be exciting and fun. So, make the most out of it by hiring professional local moving services. They will take charge of the whole process efficiently. And if in case the move is delayed, you may use self storage unit for your possessions up until your move is ready.

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