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Business Relocation Services guarantees that your office move to or within Ashfield will be completed quickly and with ease. We have the expertise and resources to implement and manage an effective office removal. So, you can remain focused on running your company and other aspects related to the move. We will jointly plan each step of the relocation process with your assigned point person to make the best decisions that will ensure minimal downtime and lesser costs for your business.

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At Business Relocation Services, you don’t just hire people who can lift your boxes and transport them to your new locations. You are getting the assistance of highly trained, experienced, and licensed professionals that will make sure your assets and valuables remain protected throughout the moving process. Here are the services our professional removalists can offer:


  • Office Moving
  • Storage Warehousing Distribution
  • Crate and Skate Rental
  • Sensitive Computer Moving
  • Furniture, Fixtures, and Fittings (FF&E) Installation Services
  • Commercial Removals
  • Library Removals
  • Warehouse Removals
  • Gym Removals
  • Project Management

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    Hiring professional office removalists in Ashfield comes with a multitude of advantages, especially if you have no experience in this kind of task. You may think that you know your company more than anyone and will be able to complete the move better than anyone else. However, there are certain aspects of relocations that only an experienced and trained removalist knows about. Here are the benefits of hiring a professional office removalist Ashfield.


    Moving an entire office is a lot different than moving house. Aside from large furniture, you also have to move heavy machines and equipment that can cause injury if you don’t have the right tools or skills. It is especially dangerous if you have to navigate narrow spaces and stairs. Professional removalists use the appropriate equipment to relocate bulky office furniture, machines, and equipment. By hiring professionals, you protect your employees and yourself from injuries and focus on smaller items that won’t cause muscle strains, sprains, cuts, or abrasions.


    Office or business relocations can be time-consuming and chaotic, affecting your busy schedule. With seasoned furniture movers that have done a similar job countless times before, the task can be swiftly and efficiently completed. They know how to deal with any possible issue related to the move and can finish the work that would have taken you several days in a few hours. Moreover, professional office removalists Ashfield also help you cut down on moving costs. You are given a quote upfront without hidden charges, so you know how much you’re expected to spend. And, you can avoid costly mistakes like buying extra fuel to make several trips because you didn’t hire the right-sized truck.


    Moving to a new office is an exciting and liberating experience. However, if you relocate without professional assistance, it can spoil the excitement and make the whole process extremely stressful. Hiring a professional office removalist Ashfield who can help you pack, lift, transport, and unload heavy office items allows you to enjoy the move and pay attention to other important aspects of your transition.


    Most professional office removalists provide other services to simplify the moving process. For example, self-storage services are helpful when you can’t take all your office furniture or need to store some old records and stocks. If you need extra space out of your new location, you can store your office valuables in their long-term or short-term storage facilities. Other services your office removalists might offer include packing and moving computers and sensitive equipment and crate rentals.

    Looking for a reliable office removalist in Ashfield? Look no further than Business Relocation Services. Call us now at 1300 929 440 to learn more about our team and how we can help you achieve a smooth and quick office relocation.

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    At some point, every office in Ashfield is likely to find the need to relocate, whether it is to accommodate expansion or to downsize and save costs. Whatever reason you have for moving, it’s always a wise idea to hire a proficient office removalist in Ashfield that can help you move your systems, furniture, and equipment in a safe and organised manner. While relocating your office is achievable on your own, given the time and right resources, it still runs certain risks that can result in delays and hefty costs. We serve Ashfield and the following surrounding suburbs: