Holiday Season Relocating Office Checklist

Planning a commercial relocation during the holidays can be a strategic move, especially if your industry is predicted to be generally slow around this time of the year. Whether you’re relocating across Australia or just to a different nearby building, moving during the holidays, however, isn’t an easy task. This is why you need a holiday relocating office checklist to ensure that all items are accounted for and to ensure a smooth transition to your new workspace.

Step-by-Step Relocating Office Checklist

1. Advanced Moving Preparations

The perfect strategy for your office relocation will vary depending on the size of your company, the distance of the new location, the target date to finish the move, among others. As such, it’s important to tailor the team and relocating office checklist to fit the scope and complexity of the move.

Here are several suggestions on how to approach holiday commercial removals:

  • Find a reliable office moving company ahead of time - Moving companies may be busier during the Christmas season too, so you may want to collect quotes from different removalists months before moving day.
  • Decide whether you need insurance - Planning on moving expensive IT equipment or other valuable items? Don’t skip the insurance. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, especially when dealing with expensive items.
  • Choose responsible people to supervise the move - Even though moving companies work just as efficiently without a designated employee from the company to supervise them, the relocation can proceed smoother and faster if you do assign someone who is familiar with the inventory and layout of the new office to facilitate the move.

2. Update Relevant Parties

Even if most of your employees and superiors will be out of the office for their Holiday break when the move takes place, they’ll appreciate receiving timely updates. Furthermore, you may need the IT team to show up at the office to wrap up some of the work or provide helpful insights to the moving team. In that way, parts and hardware are packed nicely.

Settle any bills and disconnection requests with utility companies as soon as possible. Your bank, insurance company, business partners, and loyal customers should also be notified of your new address.

3. Ensure the Move Stays on Track

Before moving day rolls in, any loose ends should already be taken care of. But it’s not uncommon for certain tasks to be accomplished closer to the big day. Use the list below to help you clarify your own relocation strategy:

  • Get rid of old furniture
  • Have new furniture ready for the new office
  • Create an inventory of all items
  • Secure and share the floor plan for the new office with the moving team
  • Get the necessary licenses and permits
  • Find out what needs to go into storage units, if any

This step focuses on finetuning the necessary details for the actual relocation. Again, the actual tasks to accomplish will depend on the type of business you’re in. So don’t hesitate to make your own alterations to fit your office’s unique relocation challenges.

4. Tackle the Relocation

If you decided to hire office movers, then there’s not much work left for you and your employees to do at this stage. In fact, their swiftness and quality service may surprise you along the way. The months of planning and the decision to seek professional help will all be worth it.

Get the Best Holiday Office Relocation Experience

A relocating office checklist is an integral part of any office move, which is why companies are recommended to spend as much time as necessary to tailor the checklist as they see fit. It’s often best to let expert movers handle the bulk of the work so everyone in your company can enjoy the Holidays whilst having peace of mind that professionals are taking care of the office relocation.

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