3 Social Distancing Tips When Working With Office Furniture Removalists

Furniture installation and removals aren’t what it was several months ago, but that hasn’t stopped businesses and customers from adapting to the changes while staying safe. Your company may also be undergoing a transition, and whatever the reason may be for it, the priority right now is for everyone to remain as protected as possible, including during furniture removals. Hiring office furniture removalists in a time of change can be tricky, but there are several guidelines you can follow to make it less stressful for everyone. This is what we’ll be sharing with you in this guide.

How to Make Social Distancing Easier When Hiring Office Furniture Removalists

1. Limit physical contact.

On top of wearing a face mask, it’s advisable to keep physical interactions at a minimum. The furniture removalists know this as well, so there’s no need to worry about seeming disrespectful if you want to keep conversations short and sweet.

If the furniture removal project is complex and can benefit from constant communication, request to switch to voice calls or texts with the guarantee that you’ll be available for important matters. It’s quite common to see contactless methods being used today for business-related transactions, so take advantage of the available technology.

2. Schedule work hours around the furniture removal.

For companies that still let their employees work at the office, you’ll need to find other creative ways to reduce physical interactions when the removalists come. The best solution is to set the removal for the weekend or any time there are fewer people in the location.

Many office furniture removalists even work during the holidays. The rate will be higher and advance booking is typically required, but it can be a wise move so the removalists can speedily finish their job with fewer worries about limiting contact with your workers.

3. Get stuff done ahead of time.

If there’s considerable time before the furniture removalists come, have all office items packed and sealed away prior to their arrival. Not only does this save precious time, but can speed up the completion of the removal. Advanced packing is also recommended if you’re relocating your office altogether.

If this is your first relocation and you’re unsure where to begin, many movers and removalists have their own checklist to help companies know what to do with their equipment, items, and furniture so nothing ends up lost or neglected.

The Reality of the Situation

After several trips to the supermarket or pharmacy, you may have noticed by now that social distancing isn’t always possible. Space constraints may not allow people to keep a six-foot distance between others and themselves, and the same challenge can extend to your furniture removal.

Even if you don’t suspect that any of your workers or the removalists are afflicted with the COVID-19 virus, following the recommended safety procedures is imperative to prevent its spread. Both your company and the removalists have a part to play to limit transmission.

To further ensure a safe furniture removal, don’t hesitate to know what precautions the removalists are taking while conducting their business. Furthermore, you can spend time to disinfect high-touch surfaces around your office so the removalists are also protected.

By Working Together, We Can Pull Through These Uncertain Times

Even as Australia eases restrictions and things slowly return to normal, the need to follow precautionary measures should still be on our minds while the world strives to put this disease under control.

The good news is that many of the services you need to grow your business or successfully transition to a new location are still available, and you can still work with reliable office furniture removalists to safely relocate your items.

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