Office Moving Checklist: Your Ultimate Guide to An Office Relocation

Do you have plans of getting relocated soon? If it’s your first time doing it, then you probably look at it as no big deal. Which means that you still don’t have any idea how exhausting it can be. Unless you’re already starting to do it. But if you’ve already experienced it and this is your second or fourth time to have a move, then you possibly already tried multiple hacks and strategies to perfect it. That’s why, in this article, we’ll help you get into the right track by providing you with the office moving checklist. Business Relocation Services will be revealing the secrets on how to properly organise an office move. With the help of an office moving checklist, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a stress-free, easy and smooth relocation soon. Because we’re not only enumerating the list but we’ll elaborate it so it’ll be easier for you to follow it.

5 Step-by-Step Office Moving Checklist

1. Look for the New Location

The first step in our office moving checklist is to look for a new area where you’ll transfer. Yes, you’ll be relocating at least three or four months from now. But making research early will help you choose the right and perfect location for you and your team. This will also allow you to see if your first choice the one that you really need. If not, then you still have much time looking for another site.

2. Make A Layout Plan

Having an office moving checklist can help you figure out and come up to the most suitable layout for your relocation. This can also prevent you from overlooking any of your tasks. Which can lead you to an effortless and uncomplicated move. The plan should consider the amount of budget you’ll be needing, the timeframe of your business downtime, hire professionals to assist you, and so on and so forth. Because if you don’t make plans, there’s a huge chance that your relocation will be a massive disaster.

3. Get the Right Furniture and Maximise Space

When you are planning to replace the equipment and furniture you have once you relocate, then finding a good place where you keep them is a must. If this is the case, then you have to include the task of finding self storage to your office moving checklist. If you’re on a tight budget, you can look for cheap depot units instead. Business Relocation Services is partnered with Macy’s Mobile Self Storage. Where they can provide you with awesome discounts and offers which will depend on your needs.

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4. Packing Up and Moving

For you to guaranty that your move will be successful, hiring experts to do the other tasks is a wise decision. Because letting the experts do the hard tasks can prevent you from getting injuries. Since they’re knowledgeable and knows how to handle this kind of job, let them take care of it. This can also prevent you from getting unexpected expenses due to injuries you and your team might get.

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5. Protect the Information

Aside from the physical move, you also have to remember that moving the internal information of your business is also included. Good thing, Business Relocation Services has a trustworthy and reliable team that can handle such tasks. As well as make sure that they are off from getting exposed. We understand that there are important and sensitive details in your computers or desktops. It may be your bank accounts, employees’ personal information, and other stuff that has a connection to your business. That’s why keeping them intact and safe is our top priority.

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The above list will serve as your guide from the planning to the actual day of your move. Together with Business Relocation Services, we can guaranty that your plan will be done successfully. Since we’ve already handled numerous types of relocation, like commercial, office, and warehouse, you can absolutely rely on us! Just let us know what are your moving needs and we’ll do our best to attend to it.

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