Should I Rent Plastic Moving Boxes For My Company Relocation?

Getting ready to relocate your business? Before the big day rolls in, you should look into using moving boxes if you’re keen to save time, money, and energy. There’s been a significant change in the moving industry lately. You may have not heard of moving boxes before, but today, more people are opting to rent plastic moving boxes to conveniently pack and relocate their stuff. So why are people switching? And more importantly, should you make the switch too?

Learn more about using reusable moving boxes and why many believe they’re the future of green removals. Who knows? It may be exactly what your company needs for the upcoming relocation you have planned.

3 Powerful Reasons to Rent Plastic Moving Boxes

Reason 1: They’re more cost-effective.

Good companies don’t miss out on opportunities to save, especially when there are more upsides than downsides associated with the change. This is exactly what you get when you rent plastic moving boxes.

Reusable boxes can cost less to rent than buying cardboard containers. Plus, they’re much sturdier. It’s not uncommon for companies to end up paying more to replace damaged cardboard boxes with new ones because of overpacking. With reusable boxes, that rarely happens.

Another cost-saving feature of reusable boxes is that they reduce the need for packing supplies such as packing tape and bubble wrap. You may still need to use bubble wrap for small fragile items, but not as much for larger ones since plastic boxes can significantly reduce bumping during the transfer.

Reason 2: They speed up your removal.

One common gripe people have when using cardboard boxes is the need to assemble them after purchase. Rental plastic boxes, on the other hand, are ready to use the moment you receive them. Secondly, there’s no need to tape up the boxes. Many are designed to include seals that take you mere seconds to close without much effort.

And if those benefits weren’t enough, plastic moving boxes also come with handles that allow for easy transfer. This reduces the physical exertion required to transfer and unpack office items, which can prevent loss of productivity for everyone. Most, if not all, reusable moving boxes are even designed for stacking. The lids offer a convenient fit for any boxes that need to be placed on top. Combined with their durability, plastic moving boxes are overall easier and faster to use compared to other packing containers out there.

Reason 3: You’re doing the environment a favour.

Reusable containers are the future of commercial and residential removals. Even cardboard boxes made from recyclable materials still leave a considerable carbon footprint from the manufacturing process, and they break down faster. If you care about reducing environmental impact, switching to reusable items is the next logical step.

After each use, plastic moving boxes are cleaned, stored, and brought out again for the next client to use them. The better the quality of the boxes, the longer they can last. In fact, they can easily be reused hundreds of times before showing any significant damage that warrants replacement.


Business relocations come with a number of different expenses, and once you tally them up, the final amount can be quite staggering. But the success of your business also depends on the money you’re able to keep so you can redirect them to more fruitful projects.

If trimming down relocation costs is important to you, and if you value efficiency and eco-friendliness, then skip the cardboard and rent plastic moving boxes instead. It’s a no-brainer choice since the immediate and long-term benefits are too obvious to ignore, and we have good reason to believe that reusable containers will be around for a very long time.

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