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There are many things that you have to consider when you plan to relocate an office. Finding the new office space is just a part of it, but nonetheless, require careful decision making. From the planning, moving process itself to the final touch and see if everything is set according to the original plan, everything should be to the T. When you need a big move, then you probably need to get help from professionals. Hiring office removalist Sydney can be a huge help to the entire process of your move. When moving big items, keeping them from getting damaged is one of your main goals. Obviously, you don’t want additional expenses due to a compromise for the carelessness of your team. If you are planning to have a move because you no longer have enough space at present, then employing the office removalist Sydney CBD is necessary. Removals can get so complex if your team don’t have any experience in an office move. Business Relocation Services has the right team who can deliver good quality services and can make your move easy and hassle-free. You can also prevent yourself and your people from getting injuries while the process is ongoing.

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There are many stages of the relocation planning that you can get underway well before the relocation date. By early engagement of a specialist business relocation consultant you will ensure that you have planned for successful office relocation.

Tasks include but not limited to:

Pre-Planning Stage

  • Task identification, project understanding and establishment
  • Conformation of quantities and relocation requirements
  • Site Meetings and Briefing sessions overall staff engagement
  • Project time line establishment
  • Access requirements have been completed
  • Tenancy Access
  • Loading dock bookings
  • Lift keys and swipe card access
  • Security guards as required

Approach to Physical relocation

  • Planning and resource allocation is complete
  • IT special requirement and time lines disconnection and reconnection process
  • Sequential packing or security packing requirements confirmed
  • Your staff packing requirements confirmed.
  • Moving guidelines established and communication of documentation
  • Removal supervisor briefings
  • Special relocation services are booked and managed

Physical Move Process

  • Team assembly and task briefing
  • Site protection instillation
  • Specialist packing and IT team briefing sessions
  • Procedural checklists and progress reports
  • Delivery and placement at new site
  • Job completion and walkthrough
  • site protection removal.

After the relocation

  • Post relocation services
  • Debrief Report and sign off
  • Future assistance

How convenient it is to have Office Removalist Sydney CBD on your team?

It can be inconvenient if you are going to lease a storage unit for your items while the relocation is still on process. You can store some of the items that you no longer need when you move to the new location. Moving your belongings from your location to the new one is what the office removalist Sydney team does on a regular basis. Their work is to transport your items securely while your other stuff is safe in the storage unit. No matter how near or far your location is, as long as it’s part of our scope, we will deliver the right service that you deserve.

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Aside from providing human-labour, we can also let you rent our durable and secure crates or skates for your stuff. So, if you don’t have time to buy containers where you can put them, then feel free to talk to us about it. In that way, we can prepare a depot that you will be needing right before your move starts. With the help of office removalist Sydney CBD, your move can be smooth and easy from start to finish. Convenient and time-efficient, right?

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How reliable are they?

To make sure that your relocation will be successful, hire moving professionals when it comes to transporting your items. Let our other excellent team of experts handle with the packing and unpacking. While the office removalist CBD will make sure that they are being delivered to your new location without getting damaged. Isn’t that convenient? The move will be smooth and easy since your team can do other things. Such as processing documents for the new location, finalise the layout and so and so forth.

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There are lots of advantage when you plan to hire office removalist Sydney CBD. As mentioned above, you can rely on our professional team since they are excellent at doing these tasks. They know what are the right materials needed and are applicable to any kinds of items. They can also give you some tips about how to properly pack your items for your next move. Our office removalist Sydney CBD are friendly and approachable so you don’t need to worry about asking them a request during the process.

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Business Relocation Services has a reliable team who knows how to handle your belongings. They are trustworthy if you let them handle each task. And you will not have to worry about handing us your moving issue. And we are not only providing awesome office removalist Sydney CBD to you but also lots of moving services. You can find more helpful tips, hacks, blogs and articles by visiting our website. You can also give us a call and let us know your moving needs. It is our pleasure to answer your questions and received comments and suggestions in order for us to make some improvement in our services.

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