Office Relocation Management Process


Business Relocation Services have a great team who knows how to handle different kinds of move. Office relocation management can make your move simple, easy and smooth. Which can be complicated to do especially if you don’t have any knowledge about doing it. Good thing, we have an excellent team who can do it for you! We can attend to all office relocation management meetings as needed to ensure a seamless process. And we will also action outlining key issues and tasks as needed. Also, this is to ensure key processes are done by the right resource and as per the plan of the move. Conversely, there are a few things that you need to consider for you to have an organised office move. Just as when you plan to have an office server relocation, careful decision making is necessary. There are proper steps that have to be followed. We have an office relocation management staff that will work with you in the discussion. And that is to ensure that you are aware of all the requirements. And make sure as well that they are on the right track. As we thrive to meet the overall goal of the entire process. Related: Office Server Relocation Another thing that is part of the discussion is the option for affordable self storage. You may need to have a good, safe and secured place where you can keep your stuff as the process unfolds. Additionally, this is a good solution for your space issues. You probably need to dispose of some of your items but there is a huge chance that you want to keep some of them as well. Related: Find Cheap Self Storage

Another thing about Office Relocation Management…

Whether you are having a big or small move, you can let the experts help. Office relocation management knows how to deal with any kind of situation since our team is fully-trained. They should be able to deal with any circumstance so they can give the right results. As mentioned above, hiring the right people who can make your move smooth and simple is useful. Especially if you are not sure what is the right steps that you need to follow. Of course, you don’t want to settle with cheap but bad services. So, having office relocation management can make your task effortless. Related: Relocation Experts Another thing, our office relocation management staff will work with your staff to ensure that they are aware of the requirements of the move. As well as to make sure we are on the right track to meet the overall goals of the move.

Tasks include but not limited to:

1. Pre-Planning Stage:

  •  Task identification, project understanding and establishment
  • The confirmation of quantities and moving requirements
  •  Site meetings and briefing sessions overall staff engagement
  • Project timeline establishment
  • Access requirements have been completed
  • Tenancy Access
  • Loading dock bookings
  • Lift keys and swipe card access
  • Security guards as required

2. Approach to Physical Move:

  • Planning and resource allocation is complete
  • IT special requirement and timelines disconnection and reconnection process
  • Sequential packing or security packing requirements confirmed
  • Your staff packing requirements confirmed.
  • Moving guidelines established and communication of documentation
  • Removal supervisor briefings
  • Special move services are booked and managed

3. Physical Move Process:

  • Team assembly and task briefing
  • Site protection installation
  • Specialist packing and IT team briefing sessions
  • Procedural checklists and progress reports
  • Delivery and placement at the new site
  • Job completion and walkthrough
  •  Site protection removal.

4. After the move

  • Post moving services
  • Debrief report and sign off
  • Future assistance

5. Relocation coordinator meetings:

Business Relocation Services will attend to your needs as we meet with your key coordinators. Also, our attendance at these meetings will cement the whole process and assist the clients with the preparation and understanding of the moving process. Then, the guidelines can be discussed which enforces the importance of the requirements to ensure that it will run smoothly during the entire process.

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Business Relocation Services offers various types of moving services that can absolutely fit your demands. One of them is office relocation management which can be probably a good solution to your problem. You no longer have to stress yourself with the whole process, just let us do our work and deal with other things you find easy to do. In that way, you have not only maximised your time but you have also saved yourself from getting a hassle.

Site protection instillation

site protection removal

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