Office Relocation and Redundancy for Employees: When to Say You Are Being Made Redundant


In business, office relocation and redundancy during expansion and downsizing are commonly happening. As an employee, losing a job is pretty awful and ghastly. Of course, no one wants to get fired especially when you know to yourself that it’s not your fault. It can damage one’s self-esteem, professional reputation and life in general. But not knowing why you lose your job in the first place may be one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. But how can you identify that you’re one of the candidates for redundancy? Maybe the indicators are already obvious but you choose to ignore it. Your boss is busy in understanding the moving office planning guide, looking for relocation experts and storage. And you’re also busy trying to finish all the tasks as if it’s your last day at work. But have you thought that it could actually be your last day due to many reasons? Well, to give you a hint, check out the signs below.

5 Signs Saying You’re Being Made Redundant

1. Bad performance reviews are flooding.

You’ve been receiving terrible performance reviews for three consecutive months. And then, your boss announces that you’ll be having an office relocation and redundancy. This is a discernible indicator saying that you no longer meet the expectations of your boss. Maybe it’s about time to start changing your behaviour and action toward your performance. This will be your way to let your boss know that you want to keep your job.

2. Lesser projects than usual are coming your way.

It’s natural to relax when tons of workload are no longer coming your way. You've been mostly free with no work to do so you just chill out and be happy about it. But, on the other hand, this could actually be a bad sign that you're one of the redundant employees. It's like one way of your boss saying, “I don’t want to deal more unfinished projects after you leave.” Yikes! Maybe office relocation and redundancy are good signs for your employer to have a brand-new start. So, instead of enjoying your early out, you better do something about it.

3. You’re being ignored.

Your boss is nowhere to be found these past few days. Even one-on-one meetings with you about your projects are being ignored. Well, maybe you’re the one he’s been avoiding. What do you think? It’s natural to have an office relocation and redundancy in business. Cost-cutting and terminating employees are, unfortunately, necessary. So, if you feel that your boss is starting to avoid you, maybe you should start updating your CV. Look for another potential job online.

4. Gossips and strange behaviours from your co-workers are getting obvious.

Your colleagues suddenly start avoiding you for no reason. Even the invitations during lunch have stopped. This can be depressing and dealing with this kind of situation is difficult. If this kind of scenario starts to happen, maybe it’s about time to move to a different environment.

5. You’re in denial.

You see with your own eyes the warning signs that an office relocation and redundancy bring but you keep brushing them off. We know it’s hard to admit to yourself that you may lose your job but doing nothing about it is a big strategic mistake. But no worries! You can still do something about it. Take an immediate action to improve your work to change your boss' bad impressions about you to keep your job. But if you're lazy enough to correct your mistakes, then you may start finding another job. Once an office relocation and redundancy occur in your organisation, making an adjustment as an employee can be a bit of complicated. In fact, these signs above can help you determine the signs that you need to watch out for. Are you looking for a trustworthy moving company? You’re on the right page! Business Relocation Services is here to provide you with great services that suit your budget and needs. Call us today for more information about us. Feel free to check our website for more helpful blogs and articles for your move soon. You can also read this article to move a warehouse with less hassle: Warehouse Relocation Checklist: Your Way to Easy Move

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