3 Real Dangers of Hiring Unlicensed Office Movers

Moving requires more than just time, money, and brute strength — it also involves meticulous planning, coordination, and decision-making to keep your move on track. If you’ve never hired professional office movers before, you may be tempted to just call some guy you found on Craigslist who says he can move your office for a bargain.

While we can understand that you want to pay the lowest possible price on office removals, you could be setting yourself up for even bigger problems by choosing an unlicensed company for your office relocation.

Below are dangers every business owner should know about if they choose to hire an unlicensed office. Have in mind that these examples were experienced by real people who were duped by criminals and incompetent people.

1. Hostage Load

If you don’t ask an office relocation company for their license, you’re putting your precious business items at risk of being taken as hostage.

Imagine people coming into your office, packing things up, and expecting them to take the items to the other side. Hostage load happens when, instead of having your items automatically delivered, someone tells you that you need to cough up more money on top of the agreed price before they’ll give you your items.

They’re essentially holding the business’ property hostage unless you pay them more.

2. Unsafe Moving Vehicles

Even if the movers don’t plan on taking your items hostage during the office relocation, there may be problems during the transfer on the moving vehicles.

If the office removals company is unlicensed, there’s a good chance they won’t have enough insurance to cover for damaged goods, if any are destroyed. This means you won’t get your money back and suffer a potentially severe financial blow, especially if the items destroyed were a big investment for your company.

3. Theft

One other very unfortunate situation that can and has happened to some people is when the unlicensed office movers just disappear with the items, never to be seen again.

No business owner or manager wants to be in such a situation, but this can happen, especially if you’re thinking of hiring a complete stranger with no moving license that you find on Craigslist.

If a company is licensed, it’s easier for authorities to track down the business and go after them. Otherwise, it’s an almost impossible task to get your items back.

How to Know If the Office Movers Are Licensed

Once you’ve decided on a good office mover, request to see a business license to know if they’re operating legally. Next, look them up online and check for reviews from previous customers.

Check to see if former customers were satisfied with their office relocation so you know what to expect. You’ll also want to ask if the company is insured so you have less to worry about during the office removals.

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