Traits to Look For When Hiring Office Equipment Movers

If your company relies heavily on equipment in order to provide goods and services to customers, you are also at risk of experiencing tremendous financial loss if ever those equipment stop working or end up lost. To protect your valuable investment, it simply isn’t an option to work with sloppy and unlicensed office equipment movers, especially when so much is at stake.

So what do you do? You hire only the best and most trusted people to move your equipment for you. It’s true that no two moving companies are entirely similar, but they will share a few similarities that indicate how professional they are.

4 Qualities of Reliable Office Equipment Movers

1. Organisation

Different aspects of a relocation require tremendous coordination between all involved parties, especially because there can be hundreds of items to account for. But that’s not all. There's also the need for effective communication to ensure that your office equipment gets from point A to point B without a hitch.

You may be asking yourself, “how can I tell if a moving company is organised?” Simple. You request a sample of an equipment relocation plan. For some companies, this can be an office relocation checklist, which details the steps they’ll take to ensure a smooth and efficient move.

2. Punctuality

All businesses appreciate timeliness. In fact, many view it as synonymous with productivity. When it comes to moving company-related items, not being able to meet deadlines can result in poor experience for your customers, and delays in work operations. As a rule of thumb, never work with office equipment movers who can’t guarantee punctuality and don’t use a timeline for their movers to follow.

If your relocation is time-sensitive, you can request a uniquely-tailored contract to specify that you need the equipment successfully moved by a certain date. Most commercial movers will be happy to do so.

3. Consistency

Commercial removals is a fast-growing business, so sifting through all the companies can be time-consuming if you don’t use an online directory with public reviews from previous customers. Going through testimonials is a fairly reliable way to find out whether a moving company consistently provides quality service.

But these reviews can also be misleading, especially if you focus on the numbers. More reviews don’t always equal better service. A more reliable approach is to read both the positive and not-so-positive experiences of previous customers. Does the company have raving fans? What were the most frequently-mentioned issues, if any? You may learn more about the company just from the reviews than from reading their “About Us” section.

4. Experience

While not a strict rule, a moving company’s experience can be a telling sign of a good company. But not all experience will be relevant for your relocation needs. They may excel in furniture removals but not equipment. IT equipment, for instance, will require careful handling — sometimes more than is involved in moving other fragile items.

Some companies will advertise that they specialise in a certain type of removal. But a word of caution. The list of services that are posted on a company’s website won’t always mention their experience in that type of work. If you have the time, it’s best to call the company itself to find out how comprehensive their experience is with moving items for business’ such as yours.

Never Underestimate the Power of Research

Recommendations from friends and other businesses can be helpful, but if you want to increase your chances of getting an amazing experience, you need to do a little digging. Companies that rely on equipment as a significant source of revenue shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions from office equipment movers. Get a sense of the people behind the logo, and make sure that what they offer meets your relocation needs, as well as your budget.

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