Easy Steps to Make Moving without Injuring You and Your Team


Preparation for the move needs an adequate attention. Not only emotionally, but as well as your physical aspect. You will be undergoing a lot of stress from planning, and accidents such as getting injuries can bring more dilemma. Even if you decide to hire a removalists company, you need to assure your site is safety-proofed. We know that your main goal is to finish things as soon as possible. But you have to think as well that moving without injuring the movers must also be considered. In all aspects of the move, you need to prepare to prevent you and your team from getting injuries in the process. Other things such as a depot, you can have crate and skate rentals or cheap storage which are great solutions for keeping your stuff. But when manpower is involved, it is crucial to let them do their tasks without proper preventive measure. So here are the 4 easy steps to prevent getting injuries when moving.

4 Easy Steps to Avoid Getting Injuries When Having A Move

Step 1: Take your time to get enough rest.

Don’t rush things. You are not being followed by anyone or anything, just meeting your schedule. So relax, pay attention to your surroundings and see details on what more you need to fill in before the moving day. You may find mistakes with your plan layout or missed something on your checklist. This is one of the common causes of injury during a move: feeling rushed. Moving without injuring anyone on the team is not that hard with proper knowledge of the task. Get enough rest before the big day. As the moving day gets nearer, it will be difficult for you to relax and it’s normal. But it will be hard to concentrate and focus on the task. We know it’s hard to make 7-9 hours of sleep at night on a regular basis but for the sake of your safety, do it.

Step 2: Wear appropriate attire.

Having a proper attire to wear can help you in moving without injuring your movers. The physical demand of the task at hand is huge. The climbing up and down stairs, pulling and pushing of large items can be tough. Even the lifting of heavy things that have pointed or sharp corners can abruptly cause slight injuries that can possibly slow down the moving process. Here are some simple things that you can do to guarantee your readiness for the moving day:

  • Wear clothes that cover-up your body to prevent you from getting scrapes and cuts.
  • Get on closed-toe and good grip shoes to prevent from falls, trips and injuries to your feet.
  • Wear gloves to cover and protect your hands.
  • Get on weather appropriate outfit to protect you from the elements, e.g. frostbite during winter.
  • If you need to take off your shoes inside the home, wear gripper socks to avoid sliding and slipping.

Step 3: Use proper lifting technique and ask for help if possible.

Are you aware that poor lifting technique can lead to injuries? Aside from dressing properly, practising a correct lifting form when relocating items in and out of your premises, particularly heavy items can prevent you from getting injuries during the move. Here are a few hacks to follow:

  • Instead of hoisting your items, use cart or dolly to move your things.
  • Don’t use your back when lifting. Bend and lift with your knees rather.
  • Control your hoisting to avoid your body being contorted.
  • Don’t lift hefty items over your head.
  • Stand on sturdy ground and keep your footing secure.
  • Ask family member(s) or friend(s) to help you hoist heavy items

Moving without injuring yourself is possible if you pay attention to the signs that your body is giving you. Don’t push yourself too hard. Don’t try to hoist more when you know you can no longer do it. And if possible, let your friends know you need their help with your move.

Step 4: Maintain your space organised and away from hazards.

When moving, it’s easy to disorganise your premises. Your equipment is often moved around in preparation for transport. In this kind of situation, it’s more likely hard to stay organised and can bring a challenge when the move starts. And if your place is messy, the possibility of getting injuries is enormous. Moving without injuring yourself is attainable when things are in their right places. That’s why you have to clear your space from clutter. Start putting small and medium-sized stuff in boxes. If you have kids, be sure to stack their toys in one storage. And to avoid you from having a hard time looking for your items since they’re already inside the boxes, label them accordingly. Getting injuries can bring more problem for you. And that is not a good thing.  It will just slow you down and will cost you a lot. Give the steps above a try and see the beauty of being organised. Moving without injuring you and your team will bring success to this endeavour. So if you are having a move soon, do it with utmost safety in mind.

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