Types of Moving Expert Services: Which One Is Right for Me?


Moving from one place to another is a difficult experience as it involves a lot of hard work. Unless you approach the move properly, you will not be able to choose the right moving expert service. To approach your move, you need to understand first all the types of move that will be required. Check this out, to know more about the various types of moving expert services and see which one best fits your moving needs. Here are the 5 types of moving expert services that guide you as you do whatever type of move you are planning into.

5 Types of Moving Expert Services

1.      Local Move Service

When you talk about the local move, it means that your move is local or it simply means that you are not relocating outside the state. Another consideration that may define a local move is the distance of transfer itself. For most movers, a local move is set within 50-100 miles depending on the moving company’s standard. Hence, make sure to ask your prospect company about the moving services covered they have offered.

2.      Long Distance Move Service

If your destination is within the state but exceeds the set distance of the moving expert company you hire, then your move will be considered as a long-distance move. Also, when you plan for a long-distance move, make sure to determine the type of long-distance move that you want to do. Its either,

  • Full-Service Move. For this type of long-distance move, you don’t have to do anything. The movers will do all the work from packing, loading, delivering your possessions to its final destination, unloading and unpacking them again. What you only need to do is give them instruction on which items need to place where.
  • Self-Service Move. In this type of move, the moving company will only unload your possessions, drive them to its final destination and unload them. Thus, you will be responsible for the packing and unpacking process. This sounds tiring, right? Well, if you want to save then this service would be fine after all.

3.      Interstate Moves Service

If you’re relocating to a new state then you are making an interstate move. Well, the distance this time does not matter then. For most movers, the estimate for the move will depend upon the weight of your possessions and the type of service you want to avail. It could be self-service or full-service move depending on your relocation need though. And for some items that you can’t bring yet, you can’t get rid of, you can use the long term storage unit for its safety and security.

4.      International Move Service

Well, as its name indicate, this type of move is when you are relocation from one country to another. This time you will need to hire a moving expert that is specialising the international moves. The estimate of the move will depend upon the shipment’s volume and moving company in-charge. Hence, better check ever details first to make sure things are clear as you plan your international relocation.

5.      Small Move Service

Any local move that involves moving from one apartment to another with less amount of possessions is said to be a small move, well this depends on the moving company also.

6.      Commercial Move Services

Any business move that requires great manpower, specialised moving equipment, and packing techniques that can only be provided by removal companies that are specialising the work in a commercial setting is considered to be a commercial move service. This service needs to have an adequate training, extensive experience and advanced technology that allows them to relocate the entire business from one place to another in a safe and efficient manner. Well, please note that different types of moving companies offer different types of moving expert services and at the same time has its specialisation as it has different types of moves. Thus, when planning your forthcoming relocation, make sure to do your research. Check all the available options so that you could choose the movers that best suit your needs.

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