Old Furniture Removals: What You Need to Know

So you’ve decided to spruce up your office with several pieces of new furniture. Congratulations! Studies show that employees enjoy better productivity and well-being when they experience a positive change in their work environment. But what do you do with old furniture? If you’re talking about a considerably large number of old desks, shelves, and drawers, you’ll need the help of a furniture removals company.

Why is it better to pay for professional furniture removals?

Old furniture items are more likely to break or fall apart when moved. Through the years, the metal or wooden parts that support the frame of the furniture may have deteriorated, which can cause serious harm if not replaced or taken out of the office.

There’s also the problem of time and experience. Removals are complex projects that are best handled by experienced individuals. Letting your employees do as they please when disposing of old furniture may result in unnecessary extra expenses and delays. Productivity can also be affected, which hinders the growth of the company.

It’s the job of licenced movers to come up with a removal checklist, prepare their staff (and yours), and carry out the heavy lifting with minimal or no complications. In fact, they’ve already handled so many furniture removals in the past. Therefore, their strategy ensures the fastest completion and frees up your time and energy for other core tasks.

Another common question managers have about old furniture is, “what do I do with them?” While the final decision is solely yours, below are suggestions on how to deal with pieces of furniture you don’t want to keep.

What You Can Do With Old Furniture

  • Sell for extra cash – You can sell your old furniture on the Facebook marketplace, Craig’s List, or even eBay. Take good photos and add clear descriptions that mention stains or damages that buyers should be aware of.
  • Donate to charity – Do you have a non-profit organisation? Or a local charity that would benefit from the furniture you don’t need? Give out the ones that are still usable and not too badly damaged.
  • Donate to local schools and art departments – Students and acting enthusiasts may appreciate having a free prop that they can use for their stage sets. These individuals are usually more than happy to take in old items, either for their personal use or for stage performances.

Sending the items to the junkyard is often the easiest road to take but it shouldn’t be your first option. Assess if the furniture is still usable or recyclable. There’s a big chance someone out there wants what you don’t need. Moreover, it pays to ask around or post a few ads online. Not only will you get to help someone, but it also reduces landfill wastes.

Find out if your waste management centre will take large items

The majority of trash companies don’t accept oversized items such as furniture, but you may get lucky and find a company that will. The junkyard is another good option. You may just have to pay a small fee for them to pick up the items.

If none of these places will take in your old furniture, it may be best to just list them online. You can even put them somewhere visible to passersby and put a “free” sign. While it’s preferable to get some money back for your investment on these items, holding on to them when you’re limited on office space isn’t a good idea either.

Ready to Call Furniture Removalists?

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