Move Made Easy With This Easy Moving Checklist!

Moving can be so overwhelming! There are many things you need to do before your actual moving day. To avoid unnecessary stress, maximise your time and make the transition as smooth and as easy as possible. Proper planning, coordination and scheduling are necessary. The smartest thing to do is to make a moving timeline and list down all the things you need to accomplish in each time period. Hereʼs a step-by-step guide and easy moving checklist to walk you through.


  1. Purge and Sort

Decide what things you'll need to take with you and what should you get rid of. Choose to bring only essential items.  If you are hiring movers, keep in mind that every box you pack costs money. Eliminate all the items you donʼt need anymore. Offload them through having a yard sale, donating them to charity or selling them online. You might even end up acquiring some money that you can add to your moving budget.

  1. Take an inventory

Writing a list of all your possessions is an important part of any move. Keep a list of all your stuff; this way, you have a list of everything you own and you would know how to best pack them. An inventory can also prove invaluable for reference and insurance purposes.

  1. Create a budget for your move

Prepare a budget for all the moving supplies, truck rental and other moving expenses. If you are hiring a moving company, determine the usual company moving fees. Remember to include insurance and damages. If your possessions are worth a lot to you, you may need to consider adding insurance to your total moving costs. Create a moving binder to hold all of your receipts and moving-related paperwork.

  1. Purchase the moving supplies you will need

Try to find free packing materials to reduce costs. If you are using a moving company, they usually provide moving supplies at no cost but double-check to confirm. In any case, buy additional boxes, bubble wrap, cushion foams and other items you can use to safely pack your belongings. You will also need markers to label your moving boxes, which will help keep everything organised.

  1. Begin packing

Packing is one of the most stressful yet crucial parts of moving. Organise items based on their common functions, room use, or other factors. Avoid last-minute packing, it can be extremely time-consuming and can create additional stress. Be careful in handling fragile and breakable items and ensure to label each box so you have an idea of what's inside the box.

  1. Hire movers

Research for moving companies. Find the best company that will provide you with the services that will make moving as easier as possible. Hire a company that is both reliable and cost-effective.


  1. Transfer services

Call your utility, internet and cable companies to transfer services to your new address. Instruct them to disconnect services the day after your move and direct new utilities to install services at least a day before you arrive. Remember to change the address thatʼs on file with credit card companies, vehicle loans, and insurance agents.


  1. Confirm everything

Call and confirm your moving help. If you are hiring a moving company, contact them and double-check your plans. Verify how much will be the cost of the whole transaction and ask for their mobile number to follow up on the plan.

  1. Pack a box with essential items

Most likely, unpacking every box wonʼt be done immediately during the day of your move-in. Pack a box of essentials and label it appropriately. This will eliminate the frustration of digging through boxes for the things you need right away.


  1. Clear your old place.

Now that everything is packed and ready to go, spare some time to clean up the old place, wipe windows, sweep the floors and vacuum the carpets.


  1. Be physically and mentally prepared for your move

Itʼs the big day. Be sure you have had an energising meal and pack some snacks you might need along the way. Ensure to keep yourself hydrated and as much as possible maintain a positive attitude. Keep your moving binder and valuables on hand and be ready for a hectic day.

  1. Supervise the movers during the load-in

If you can, watch how your stuff is loaded and keep an eye out for damage. Be sure breakables are properly placed and safe from any breakages.

  1. Make a final walk-through

Lock your old place’s windows and doors, make sure all gas lines are shut, unplug all electric equipment and turn off the lights. Ensure that you've got everything before you leave for good.

Whether you are moving to a new house or another office location, this easy moving checklist can surely help you have a smooth and easy transition.

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