Strategic Ways of Creating a Library Relocation Plan

Every library move requires thorough and careful planning. Planning that involves your library’s contents and your needed resources in carrying out. And the needed commitment, system and time are all essential for a successful library relocation. In a general context, creating a library relocation plan is usually a long-range plan. Thus, it should follow an outline and the steps of the given outline should be very clear, plain and easy to understand. Both to you who organises the plan and to all the committees or the team. This article has developed strategic steps in creating a library relocation plan. In order for your library move to be most organised and complete. These include all the factors that you need to consider. And all the concrete actions that you need to put into your list so you will have a super smooth inflow of your library move from the start of the planning phase. And up until the actual library relocation period.

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5 Strategic Steps in Creating a Library Relocation Plan

1. Create a Relocation Planning Team

You need to create a team that will be involved in the overall process of relocation. From the planning stage up to the actual day of the relocation, this team should be part of all the steps of the way. Your relocation team can be your senior leaders, the teachers and the library staff. But for a better composition, however, you can also include students and parents and, of course, professional consultants. That’ll be making most of the planning. In particulars, all the works that include the architectural structure of your new library.

2. Make a Strategic Action Plan

In this step, you need to clarify the roles of each and everyone who is part of your planning team. Also, with clear documentation of all these roles, you are assigning. And, the most important thing that needs to be given emphasis here in this action plan is your time frames, the reporting process as well as the way of the team’s communication. Or, exchanging ideas, suggestions, and finding solutions whenever there are problems along the way. By doing so, you are into a more spontaneous way of creating a library relocation plan. Finally, as you are starting to realise your action plan, you should not forget to note important schedules. Everyone in the team should always agree on how often you will have to meet as a team. Then you will see that creating a library relocation plan should be continuous and not static. Nor should have to stop in the middle of the planning stage. Or this will surely spoil the overall planning steps. And your library move will not be as strategic as you want it to be.

3. Identify and Establish Budget and Resources

Creating a library relocation Plan, of course, involves the allocation of budget. Nevertheless, before you have to think of these things, you need to identify first the total budget that you are needing. Not only for minor needs, but for the overall library relocation. Another thing is to identify resources. These resources include the temporary location you’re going to use and the extra hours that may be needing to spend by your staff. Also, resources such as the need for new shelves and or furniture and the moving storage for your IT infrastructures. In which, somehow, you’ll be needing to find resources on how to get in touch and acquire discounts and deals with business relocation services. Or, with commercial storage services that can transport all your IT equipment to your new library location.

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4. Prepare a Comprehensive Master Plan

With all the information you have gathered from the beginning of the planning steps, your goal now is to identify the following:

  • Points or elements that affect your library relocation plan such as year levels. This means the new year levels that your library is going to serve the new students
  • The school roll or the list of members of the school class
  • What are the needs of the students (if the students need special education or ESOL)
  • Kinds of furniture, shelves, and books that need to be disposed of or move
  • How you are to work out on providing library access to the collection during the move
  • A plan that will keep all the involved up-to-date of any progress and or changes
  • Shared vision and goals for the new library that aligns with the educational goals of the school

5. Track the Library Relocation Plan as Against Your Created Plan

This particular step only suggests you check the progress, the changes, and the documentation that you are making. To be able to correct flaws, if there are any, and follow the ideal steps in creating a library relocation plan. Also, this same step is proposing you keep track of your budget allocation. As well as all the expenditures in order to ensure the availability of this fund. Particularly when there is a need to evaluate it or make an audit. All that said, together with the tracking, should always be to keep all the planning documentation ready. Purposely, for records and files and for school auditing requirements. Creating a library relocation plan does not just end in mere planning. Nevertheless, these always involve strategic steps that need to be done in a smooth yet organised way. By all these steps, you are now sure to have a successful library move. That’ll allow you to reach all your goals and objectives. And will give you the most functional and productive new library. With complete services both for the students and the entire nearby locale, community or city.

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Know how to create a strategic library relocation plan.

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