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E-waste Management


E-Waste What Should I do with IT

2017-02-23 20:17:34 by Admin in E-waste Management

  Has It Become The Legacy Of Doing Business In The 22nd Century?   What is E-Waste? It is used to cover all electronic equipment and its parts. That has been discarded by their owners as waste without the intent of re-use. Today this term can be expanded upon and with the use of more technology. The waste equipment can be repurposed ...

E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste Recycling

2016-04-06 16:44:13 by Admin in E-waste Management

  E-Waste Recycling   E-Waste Recycling: How to Do It Effectively? Do you have old computers, printers and other electronic items that make your office look so crowded? You are probably planning to put them into junk once your move or renovation takes place. But are you still not that sure how you can do it without harming the environ...

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