Business Relocation Checklists: Points to Consider for a Better Move


Relocation is recurrent in the field of business. Most business move depending on their emerging needs. Some might be because of costs, rent, need of space or might as well, business is simply growing. Each move requires planning beforehand. And we've even mentioned on our several blogs the needs to prepare for your move. Getting the idea is easy enough. But going through the details is much more difficult. You should also know the basic precautions when moving your business. So, to get you started we’ve prepared the business relocation checklists for you. This business relocation checklists will be your guide to what you should do before handling your big move. As always doing a big move requires great planning.  It is important to make sure that your move will be smooth sailing until at the end of the moving day. And for us to avoid issues along the way. Thus, one way to help plan your move is to break down task and list all the manageable tasks. Though truth is, the details of your preparation will depend on many factors specific to your situation. But to help you out, we've enlisted the main items that need your attention. So, we wrote them down into a checklist. Follow this business relocation checklist and move with Business Relocation Services. Business relocation checklists will help you get organised for a better and stress- free move. In this article, we will discuss the individual milestones that constitute the moving checklist. You may add items to the checklist or use it as is.

1. Business Relocation Checklists: Six Weeks to Moving Day

Measure new office area and choose furniture needed for the new office

As you check your new premises, make sure to measure the area so you would know how much space to allot to each of your furniture, things and employees. This should help you sort out things that you will need to where you are moving and the things you can dispose of. And overall give a bird’s eye view of how things should be in your new office. You can dispose of the disposable stuff; then just notify the removal company about the things you’d like to keep from your current office. So, they can bring them along during the moving day.

Remind your staff about your big move and offer support if they need to make any arrangements

Inform your staff about your move so they can also prepare and help in doing some manageable tasks you have in the office. And also, offer support when there are arrangements that are needed to be done in the current office and other instances. If needed, you may offer relocation packages or basically brainstorm on the most practical way of moving them to the new location.

2. Business Relocation Checklists: Four Weeks to Moving Day

Consult a security company to check the condition of the office prior to moving in

It is very important to check the condition and stability of your new office before you transfer to the new area. This is to ensure that the place is in good condition before you start putting up new loads and things inside the office. Also, it helps you avoid any danger if there is any in the place. Things like falling objects, crack walls and others. In the same manner, Business Relocations Services offer building protection to your current place.

Check phone lines and internet access

Internet and phone connection are one of the most vital resources in your company. It would really be a shame to start on a new location without connectivity. Might as well wait till the connection is instated. Or better yet, secure connection way ahead of you moving day.

Inform your supplier about your new address

You don’t want to confuse your suppliers for sure. And likewise, deal with delayed delivery due to wrong delivery locations. So better let them know of the new address. Especially if you are expecting deliveries on a daily production basis. You can give landmarks so the supplier would really know where to go.

Order the Furniture prior to the Moving Day 

For the most part, furniture consumes the most space in an office. Especially the big ones such as sofas, desk, tables, and cabinets. Thus, it’ll be worthwhile to secure them to the new location first before anything else. All the more if you are also buying new sets of furniture, better call your manufacturers ahead of time. Set an appointment date when you would want the furniture to be delivered.

Notify Clients of your New Office Address

Inform your clients and other valued customers about the change of address in the business. This is one way to keep your customers with you even if you move. On the previous blog, we’ve discussed the ways on how you could notify your customers about the change of address. Some of these are email notifications, direct mail- postcards, giving out calling cards and you can also send out flyers with your new information. There are several ways on how you could update and notify your customers depending which one is suitable for you.

Update your Website and Listings with the New Address

This may include online and offline page. Make sure to update your website and listing address. This will help your customers in finding you easily. Before you save the changes you’ve made on the website, ensure to double check all the details to make sure everything is there.

3. Business Relocation Checklists: Two Weeks to Moving Day

Check Facilities if they are Working and Ready Before you Move

An office wouldn’t be that efficient and worker-friendly if facilities are not working. So, better check all the facilities you have in the office like the toilet room and others. If they are working properly before you move in. This will make your customer and workers feel comfortable with the place.

If you don’t want to Transport all your Belongings at Once

Depending on how many belongings are you bringing with you. This item in the business relocation checklists should rather be compulsory rather than a conditional. It’s way more clever not to bring all your possessions to the new site at once. Now, to keep them protected and secured, you may store them in storage companies. It's rather smart to spend the extra dollar than to stress yourself out managing the move while worrying about the preservation of your stuff at the back of your mind. After all, you may find self storage costs online that are cheap. But guarantees reliable service

Business Relocation Checklists: Moving Day

If you followed the moving checklist, you should be ready to move on your big day! Your move would be easier and more stress- free on your part. Thus, you can still use your time in other things since all has been planned. Moving is in your control. No matter how prepared you are for your move but if you failed to plan things beforehand, it could certainly still lead to issues along the way. Therefore, it is best to set out your plan, make a checklist of necessary things you need to do before the actual move. To maintain the equilibrium of both productivity and timespan of your relocation. You have to plan and act right. Follow your checklist and move with Business Relocation Services for a smooth move.

Have anything on the business relocation checklists that confuse you?

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