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Computers and network systems are a huge factor in ensuring work efficiency and productivity in any business. It's important to make sure that they are properly put in place when the need for relocation comes along. It surely isn't an easy task to move all your IT equipment securely without interruptions in your services. There are a lot of details that need careful planning and management and, since they are essential in your business operations, they should be placed on top of your priority list. Not giving your IT equipment enough attention could lead to major hitches and delays in your move and, consequently, to your business. In this article, we give you a guide to making your IT Equipment relocation cost-effective, secure, and fast, thus, reducing any worries and keeping your staff and clients happy.

Plan Far Ahead

Carefully planning how to move your IT equipment is one of the first things to do after you've decided to relocate your business. You need to work out all of the details of your move at the earliest time possible. You’ll need to set a schedule for a site visit with your IT expert and cabling companies early. Then, choose ISP providers and technology vendors and a business relocation consultant that specialises in IT equipment. Planning far ahead will help you cover all your bases, make concrete moving plans, and set a definite moving date.

Assess Your It Equipment

An office move is a perfect time to update your IT equipment, especially if there are parts of your network infrastructure that need to be replaced. Take stock of all your IT equipment to check whether they are still functional and suitable for your new location. Take note of all the parts you will need to upgrade or replace. Order the new items and have them delivered to your new space to lessen the bulk of things you need to move. Evaluating your IT equipment early on will also save you time and money by having your network ready in the new office before your actual moving day. Remember to dispose of old and broken equipment properly. If they are still useable, sell them for extra cash that you can use for your move.

Evaluate Your Communication Requirements

As technology advances, so do the services provided by telecom companies. Work with your IT expert to identify your communication needs. Then, check out your options for the new office and choose the best phone system, service contract, and internet connection that will best fit your business. If you’ve had some communication issues at the previous office, this will be a good time to correct or improve them. If you are getting a new business number, you will also need to set up call forwarding to ensure business continuity.

Conduct A Site Visit

Probably one of the most crucial things to ensure a successful IT equipment relocation is conducting a site visit. To ensure a successful move, survey the new location with your IT expert and moving specialist. This should be done before ordering any new equipment or calling your phone company and internet service provider. By doing so, you will find out if you will need additional equipment, cabling, and power outlets. It will also allow you to make an efficient floor plan for workstations. And, find the best location for all your computers, printers, routers, and other equipment.

Without checking your new location first, you might end up with cables and wires all over the place. This will be difficult to correct and will make work difficult for yourself and your employees. Just remember to loop in your landlord for any big changes you plan to make in your new office space.

Secure Your Sensitive Data

Make backup copies of all critical company data, including firewalls and servers that might get lost during the move. You need to be prepared for worst-case scenarios in your office relocation such as transport accidents and handling difficulties. Losing data to equipment damage could lead to inconvenience and serious company losses. You need to protect your company's sensitive data by ensuring that recovery is possible. Doing so guarantees that you’ll still be able to access all your important digital files and programs when you get to the new office.

Get Ready For Moving Day

Transporting IT equipment requires special handling and expertise. If you’re entrusting one relocation company for every aspect of your office move, make sure they can do the job correctly. Make sure your data backups have already been transported to the new office before the actual moving day. All wires and cables must be labelled correctly and indicate which equipment it needs to be connected to. You should also have all the contact details of everyone involved in the relocation. And, make sure your in-house IT expert is present during the disconnection of IT equipment at the old office and when they are being placed in the new location.

Test Your New Network

After setting up all your IT equipment to the new office, do a walkthrough with your IT expert and telecom company to check for network connectivity issues. All equipment, phones, and cabling should be properly connected. Test all individual phone numbers within the office and check if all features of your phone system are working. Also, test all servers, network capability, and data migration. Make sure you can send and receive emails, and get into your company programs and files, successfully.

Relocating your IT equipment might seem like a taxing activity, but following this IT equipment relocation guide will surely make it a lot easier! Take these necessary steps with your IT consultant and a reliable relocation company that can accommodate your needs.

At Business Relocation Services, we offer a full range of services for moving IT equipment and network systems migration. This includes desktop disconnection, relocation, and reconnection, as well as planning and management of critical servers and other sensitive equipment. You can rest easy while we move all your IT equipment safely, efficiently, and correctly. Enjoy your new office!

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